Essay Sample: The Argument for Limitation of Speed Limits

Published: 2023-11-19
Essay Sample: The Argument for Limitation of Speed Limits
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Countries have different laws that are developed to meet specific objectives. One such law is having speed limits that aim at protecting drivers and other road users. Speed limit requires motorists to drive at a reasonable speed and consider different conditions such as potential hazards. The automobile demands have gradually increased, leading to the expansion of highways, and authorities have developed different laws to ensure effective road usage. Having a speed limit can save lives since current road technologies coupled with modern road materials might deceive motorists into exceeding speed limits, which might be dangerous to themselves and other road users.

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The reduction of the speed limit is a widely spread opinion in different countries in the world. According to Yao et al. (2020), the speed limit helps motorists to keep track of crucial roles and ensures safe driving. The speed limit has also ensured road safety of all road users since there is an inherent risk when driving a car not just for the driver, but for others on the road. Car accidents, for instance, are prevalent when motorists drive at higher speeds, which endangers their lives as well as those of other road users (Yao et al., 2020). Authorities have embarked on erecting bumps as a solution to ensure motorists reduce their speed at designated locations.

Even though the issue of the limitation of speed is quite contentious, having a speed limit is a significant measure that is believed to be the safest way to minimize accidents and ensure the safety of all road users. When speed is exceeded, people may lose their lives, and therefore, proper driving behavior is a critical element of safety. Safety on the road concerns the well-being of the driver, passengers, and pedestrians and therefore minimizing speed would ensure safety for all.

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Yao, Y., Carsten, O., & Hibberd, D. (2020). A close examination of the speed limits credibility and compliance on UK roads. International Association on Traffic Safety Sciences Research, 44(1), 17-29.

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