Daleel Petroleum Limited Liability Company, Free Essay

Published: 2022-05-20
Daleel Petroleum Limited Liability Company, Free Essay
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This paper discusses the human resource strategy and professional development. Daleel Petroleum LLC is based in the Oman Sultanate and it's among the leading oil-producing industries in this country. The company was founded in 2002 and is listed among the Mezoon Petrogas SAOC in Oman as a fifty-fifty joint venture.

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In 2002, the corporation had projected a reserve of million drums, however, by 2013 this projections were almost thirty times the targets. Therefore, the firm had to use advanced methods and hence stretching the exploration activities.

The Daleel Petroleum LLC produces, apprises and explores the Block 5 hydrocarbon reserves at the onshore of Oman approximately 450 km in the Northern West of Muscat. The Administration of the Oman Sultanate with the guide of the Petroleum Agreement oversees the events in the Block 5.

Daleel Petroleum Limited Liability Company focuses on making its expansion of gas and oil assets in a cost effective and responsible manner for both economic and societal advantage of the employees of the company, the stakeholders and the entire society of Oman.

Through selective investments, hardworking management of costs, emergent technology and effective working procedures, the company aims to venture in mutual trusts so that it can improve on its financial standings. However, the Daleels Petroleum LLC objectives will only be achieved by ensuring the highest concern to health and safety of the persons affected by the process, subcontractors and personnel while ensuring that all the legal requirements of Oman are observed.

Objectives of the study

This paper seeks to examine the Daleel Petroleum Limited Liability Company's corporate social responsibility with regard to Carroll's Model of corporate social responsibilities. It goes further and seeks to examine the emerging ethical issues in the management of employees in the cultural diversities context.

Analysis and content

The use of Carroll's Model in Corporate social responsibility

The Journal by Howard R. Bowen most correctly marks the current era of corporate social responsibility. Bowen's book of 1953 "The social Responsibilities of the Entrepreneur" does an in-depth analysis of the concept of social responsibility. Bowen's work was advanced on the notion that some large corporates in the United States were dynamic institutions of judgment and influence as they involved in activities that had effects on the life of people in different ways. Bowen was puzzled by the question on what could entrepreneurs likely to assume when it comes to the accountabilities to the society (Bowen, 1953). This is a significant question that many scholars are being puzzled with to date. The title of Bowen's book symbolizes an era where the womenfolk were negligible in numbers or they didn't exist. However, in the contemporary world there is a high number of women involved in entrepreneurship and being involved in matters related to social responsibility.

Analyze the effectiveness of the HR strategies using SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Explain the appropriate change management strategies to continuously improve the companies HR effectiveness. Provide analysis on the effectiveness of HR strategies using SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Give examples to substantiate the discussion. (700 words).


The internal factors that enable the functionality and HR strategies are the strengths of the organization. Becoming an employer of choice and building a top-tier workforce are some of long term goals that form the HR strategy that Daleel Petroleum LLC needs to adopt and improve. Adoption of this approaches will enable the company move to greater heights. Despite the internal strengths of the company, the corporate needs to continuously promote and support of the HR strategic development by the executive leadership. The HR staff expertise and knowledge is important because they are mandated in implementation of tactical duties.

The change management strategies to continuously improve the Daleel Petroleum LLC HR effectiveness includes the use of technology such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). This system consists of software's and hardware that necessitate the manipulation of data for human resources, present, deliver, manage, store and collet/record data. Moreover, the human resource information system consist and computer applications and databases (Broderick and Boudereau, 1992). Technology is transforming on a daily basis, therefore, the company needs to invest in modern systems that promote efficiency in HR functionality and operations. This type of system of important for the Daleel Petroleum LLC as it is important in providing vital information to the strategic planners for purpose of forecasting future workforce supply and demand. Therefore, the company can effectively plan and take care of the future in regard to issues related to the human resources.


There are several weakness in the oil and gas production sector that Daleel Petroleum LLC could be facing especially when it comes to human resource management. For instance, it is prone to high staff turnover. For instance, the mushrooming of new oil producing companies have resulted to competition especially on the human resources. However, the company's human resource management needs to provide a conducive working environment and attractive remunerations that will attract and retain most of the experienced staff. The expertise could include the ones that have experience, in the formulation and implementation of corporate social responsibility programs.


The HR department of the Daleel Petroleum LLC has various opportunities such experienced staff in the area of management. The company has invested in the staff management and development programs. For instance, the employees are encouraged to further their studies. Inclusivity in decision making is the other opportunity where both the HR department and the workers participate in making decision on important issues of concern. There, leading to effective management of the employees. The existence of welfare associations in the company ensures that all the needs of the workers are taken care of hence, smooth running of production. Moreover, the company has various opportunities in this type of sector, therefore, it needs to tap them for the purpose of its priority. For instance, the company can generate electricity by powering generators using the natural gas hence generating more income through the supply of electricity to the nearby businesses and the households. Hence generating income that can be channeled to the human resource department hence improving its systems, such as investing in modern HR technology. The availability of oil wells is an important opportunity, therefore, the company can drill deeper hence discovering new energy resources. Therefore, based on the available opportunities, the company can generate additional income that it can channel into the corporate social responsibility program and staff development. Therefore, it can go further and develop social amenities such as schools, hospitals and recreation centers for the surrounding communities.


The threats to this company include; limited opportunities for enhanced or secondary production due to the abandonment of marginal wells. Therefore, this could lead to threats such as downsizing of employees that in the long run could lead to demotivation and employee turnover due to the lack of job security. Price volatility is the other threat as the world prices of oil and gases keep on changing. As the company might be affected hence leading to financial problems that might result to cutting down some of the employee opportunities such as staff development programs. However, the company needs to use this threats as an avenue for benchmarking on the best practices that can be used in case of this treats arise.

Change management strategies that the company may use to continuously improve its HR effectiveness.

The management of any company, corporation or institution, has always been challenged to produce rapid results in this era of rapid social and technology change. Therefore, it calls for the management to use the rapid changes for the purpose of producing the desired results. Therefore, both the management and the organization has to set forward looking and aggressive goals in the anticipation of change. For instance, the goals should be tailored towards ensuring that there is the control of the company's destiny, the environment and when the changes begin.

The employees form a vital tool that the management has in achieving and setting a forward-looking goals. Therefore, for the management to achieve the desired goals using this tools they have first, to assist their subordinates to grow their abilities so that that can participate fully in making greater contributions, secondly, coordinate and control efforts made by the employees towards their accomplishment of goals. Lastly, instill in the employees to desire towards contributing towards organizational goals through instill vital commitment.

Therefore, the Daleel Petroleum LLC can use the Management by Objective strategy to enable the company to move into a higher level especially on areas such as corporate social responsibility. Through this strategy, the management will be focused all their attention on results, employees of the organization will be forced to be committed to specific achievements. Lastly, the workers be facilitated to the setting of objectives and the future needs of the corporation. Through the use of this approach the management of Daleel Petroleum LLC will be in a position of gaining greater desires and commitment from the subordinates as they will feel they are part and parcel of the success of the organization as they are involved in the formulation of the objectives. The subordinates also gain a better sense of their position in the organization as they are able to know the specific role they play in achieving the organization goals. Lastly, the employees will strive to achieve the set objectives hence the organization will benefit from the energy of its employees.

The management of Daleel Petroleum LLC through the use of Management by Objective strategy will gain better coordination and control towards the accomplishment of the organization goal. For instance, this aspect will be achieved as subordinates are most likely to coordinate or control their own activities as they know what could hinder and help in the achievement of their goals. Moreover, the mangers will have a clear picture on how a parts fit together and who does what.

Daleel Petroleum LLC can also use the participatory management strategy, this approach requires that there should be personal interactions at the highest levels of human interaction. Through the introduction of the approach in Deleel Petroleum LLC to a new morality system to this organization. It will therefore, improve on productivity as the workers will have a stronger feeling of being part and parcel of the organization. Moreover, the more an organization employ the use of participative management, the higher the levels of job satisfaction. For instance, when the employees get recommendations and suggestions they become motivated to work harder. The company will also improve the quality of production. For example, if the feedback or inputs come from the individuals who are part of the system either at the execution, lower or highest level then all the levels get to work together.

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