Free Essay Example: Coke vs Pepsi

Published: 2019-09-02
Free Essay Example: Coke vs Pepsi
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The past few decades have seen the rise of two renowned beverage companies; Coca Cola commonly referred to as Coke and Pepsi. Given the competitive nature of the market in which these two companies operate, it is not easy to precisely tell which one of the two is the superior brand. Additionally, both companies use diverse promotion styles to expand their brand positions. In my opinion, I believe that Coke is a superior brand compared to Pepsi given its global marketing strategies. Coke adopts reasonable marketing and promotional strategies that targets individuals across all generations, age, gender, and geographical locations. Be that as it may, both brands have an array of similarities and contrasting factors. Subsequently, this paper seeks to explore these similarities and differences.

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Coke and Pepsi adopt similar marketing strategies in a bid to enhance their respective market share. Key among these marketing strategies that both brands adopt in the beverage market includes sports sponsorship (Sirmon, Gove, & Hitt, 930). Cokes popular promotion campaigns have heightened its global sales. Key among these campaigns include the Holidays advertisement that was aimed at selling coke as the number one beverage drink in the world. Moreover, Coke also sponsors sports and global sporting events such as FIFA world cup in which it was once the official sponsor. Similarly, Pepsi also endeavors to expand its market share and increase sales through the sports domain. Most remarkably, Pepsi partnered with iconic sports stars such as Messi, Drogba, among others in a global digital campaign that aimed at attracting the vast population of football fans across the world.

Beverage consumers have an inclination when it comes to the two brands, but most of them cannot tell the actual difference. However, Pepsi was declared to be sweeter than coke in a sip test. Unlike the dull taste of coke, Pepsi has a citrus flavor (Lubin, 15). In any case, that blast has a tendency to disseminate through the can backing to the loss by Coke in the test. Pepsi, to put it plainly, is a beverage worked to sparkle in a taste test hence the win over coke in the sip test. Swinging to nutritious substance, Pepsi has somewhat more sugar, calories, and caffeine.

Consequently, Coke has a fizzy influence due to the higher levels of carbonation. The effervescence in Coke can be recognized by the air pockets framed upon opening the can or by merely shaking it. The essential elements of Pepsi include but are not limited to fizzy water, sugar, color flavors, citrus extract, among other characteristic tangs. Upon its inception, Coke was only comprised mainly of caffeine products.

Taking a look at branding, Cokes logo has remained constant with only a few tweaks in the textual style which has helped it to maintain a focused perception by the consumers. Be that as it may, Pepsi, then again, has invented different logos and trademarks. Despite the fact that the organization and business sector examiners assert that this is tuned in to the changing patterns in the general public, numerous don't acknowledge this. Consumers are therefore more likely to associate a new logo to a new product.

In conclusion, amidst all the nutritional and chemical composition differences, most people cannot quite put their fingers on the actual differences between Coke and Pepsi. Consumers, therefore, tend to stick to their behavioral inclination patterns for one brand over the other based on personal attributes. It is also imperative to note that, whereas Pepsi won in the sip test, Coke is also winning the brand war. Coke as a brand has grown to be more valuable than Pepsi. Pepsis brand is dominant of the blue color while Coke uses red.

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