Instruments Ensemble. Essay Example

Published: 2023-01-03
Instruments Ensemble. Essay Example
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On Saturday 16th February 2019 at 4:00 pm, I attended a music Concert held at Francisco in the state of Nayarit Mexico. The podium had various instruments which were used for different types of music; these instruments are in three categories. First is the woodwinds which include, Piccolo, 1st Flute, 2nd Flute, the second being, Brasswinds like, Trumpet and the French horn, Finally there was Percussion which comprises of, Drum Kit, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Cymbals, Wood Block, Xylophone and Marimba, there was also Strings which included Guitars and Pianos. The environment of the concert was relatively calm and intense as the hall was packed with a large number of audience. There were different presenters though for this particular research paper I will focus on Jazz music presented by 'Antonio Sanchez' which is entitled 'Lines in the Sand.' The song touched my heart, and I loved it (Music Concert).

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Country, region and continent of the music

The singer is from the North America continent, country Mexico and region of Riviera Nayarit. Nayarit is situated, between the Pacific Ocean and the Western Sierra Madre Mountains, in Mexico. Its Pacific covers about 200 miles across the coastline; it's bordered with Puerto Vallarta International Airport, to the south and Tepic International Airport, to the north. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, and vegetation for best Mexico vacation. It's crowned by sub-humid climate and a temperature of about 25C and bright rays of the sun. The rare animal species and lush vegetation will make your day at this region (Revista ERES, 9).

What makes the music distinct?

Jazz songs have been known in their uniqueness especially on how they are being played differently from other songs. As I was keenly listening, when the soloist began the song, all other musicians cheeped in, playing all kinds of weird notes, some were low, high, short, clear and gravely. Those who were not soloing played their instruments slowly in the background, and all these together produced a pleasing sound. I tried to flow with the rhythm of this song, but it was not easy since, there was variation in notes, some notes were held for too long and others too short.

How it made me feel

I am used to these softly sung songs, which had a flow, one could determine, all the different voices, from melody to soprano, and rhythm flowing, if I can take an example of, 'West Life' songs. These are smoothening songs that can easily make someone sleep. I am not fond of Jazz music so much as this was my first time listening to one, and this drove my attention to know what was going on, at one time I would think that, the musicians were going crazy or they were under the influence of certain spirits. No one was ready to wait for the other person to give a lead on playing the instruments, for each and everybody had the freedom to Play in whichever style he/she liked the most.

I felt like I was in a class of music learning new thing, and indeed that day made discover the uniqueness it entailed when one talked of Jazz music, and at the end of the concert I was pleased to have learned new thing, and this increased my love for Jazz music.

Why this piece is Special

The piece is unique because the rhythms swing and stride at one moment and are raptly processional at another. The string was sounding more carefully explicitly to give the transparent texture of the subject and message which I found very charming. The orchestra is used characteristically as well as the sonic range is enormous. Antonio Sanchez wrote this song, majorly to show the kind of life immigrants who are forced to feel their homes, due to clashes and civil wars go through. The rights of these people are derailed, and they always feel like they are different from other human beings. Hence this song becomes special by showing the scores and injuries these people experience.


In conclusion, this was a memorable concert that I had the best time ever. It had exemplary teaching, and this made me understand music better and its nature. Hence I am looking forward to another music concert next year, for apart from learning about music I had a chance to make new friends from all around the country. Music is the source of all joy and relaxed mind when in an intense situation and thus we need the right music for, with the right messages for us to know the value and role of music in our lives.

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Mexico School of Music: Music concert, 2019, February.

Mexican magazine of 17th February 2019; Revista ERES.

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