Movie Review Essay Sample: Technology and Science in "The Book of Eli"

Published: 2022-09-01
Movie Review Essay Sample: Technology and Science in "The Book of Eli"
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The 2010 American post-apocalyptic film, The Book of Eli revolves around Eli as he delivers the final copy of a mysterious book to a safer place. This place comes out as the West Coast of the United States. Along the way, however, Eli has to fight to prevent the book from being stolen. At this juncture, the history of the post-war world becomes clear, and Eli's task becomes elaborate too. He has to protect some knowledge that can save or destruct the human populace. With no doubt, a more detailed analysis depicts the presence of science and technology and their role in supporting or ending human life.

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According to Eli, the book could become the wellspring of a revived society as long as it is in the safe hands. If in the wrong hands, it automatically becomes the hammer of a despot (Washington and Oldman 2). If one reflects on this supposition, there is no doubt that it reflects on the role that science and technology play as far as humanity is concerned. If scientific and technological knowledge is in the right hands, the populace becomes safe and chances of progress increase. On the other hand, the same knowledge can be destructive. As a way of preventing the valuable material that he is carrying from reaching the wrong hands, Eli has to do all within his capacity to guard the book. It is for this reason that he even walks alone in post-apocalyptic America.

Through its intriguing storyline, "The Book of Eli" is at some point a portrayal of humanity's wretched future. In the beginning, a solitary man is seen walking across a wasteland; this place was once America. As a way of showing the extent of the possible damage, the film shows empty cities and broken highways among other forms of catastrophic destruction. The note that the wasteland was America at some point is somehow futuristic; it depicts the possibility of technology and science destroying life if not well managed. Even though there are numerous inventions and benefits, The Book of Eli shows that it is wrong to presume that all will end well. Destruction is possible, and the effects can be far-reaching hence the need for caution.

Although the film may not probe deeper into this subject matter, the point where Carnegie quarrels with a man can accurately illustrate the concept of science and technology. In their altercation, the two characters represent opposing forces in need of the book. Indeed, they are aware of its incalculable weight, but their purposes are different. While Carnegie is conscious about its potential control, the other one sees hope and salvation. With no doubt, these different ends depict the possible impact of science and technology and how different people want to do with the knowledge. To a significant extent, science and technology can be a redemption point. Else, they can be instruments of destruction, and it is the reason why some population segments try to control it.

In some cases, many authors assume that the book described in this film is the Bible. Reason being, human civilization depends on knowledge and redemption is necessary at some point. While that can be a discussion for another day, it undoubtedly illustrates the different focus areas as far as interpretation of the film is concerned. All in all, it is justified to deduce that technology and science come out clearly in the film mostly by analyzing the case in the light of what the book intends to do and why different sides fight for it.

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