Free Essay on Texas Gun Laws

Published: 2022-11-09
Free Essay on Texas Gun Laws
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Various reasons attribute to the legalization of carrying guns in the United States, especially in Texas. This has led to the imposition of many laws to govern the way these firearms are purchased which are varied and constantly change with time (Evans, et al. 15). However, in the States, the convicted people, felons or the aliens are not allowed to possess or buy any weapon. Additionally, there are some classes of firearms which the civilians are not allowed to possess ("Chapter 9 - Use of Force - Texas Gun Laws"). These firearms include the machine guns, the guns with silencers, automatic weapons as well as sawed-off shotguns.

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Some citizens support gun laws in Texas as they see it as a form of self-defense, protection of property and protection of a third party. One can attain legal possession firearm through the application of the license to carry firearms (Harcourt 31). Therefore, the citizens that possess such licenses to carry guns are willing to protect the other people who cannot protect themselves or hose may be vulnerable to harm to the extent that they cannot defend themselves. Hence, Texas allows qualified people who possess the license to carry a concealed firearm if it is permitted.

Some individuals who are in favor the Second Amendment interpretation of the |United States Constitution argue out that this amendment gives all citizens the right of ownership of firearms of firearms for the purpose of self-protection (Harnsberger 131). In Texas, a defendant is allowed by law to claim or express self-defense when confronted in violence or during a violent crime. Given this, a person may use a gun during the process of self-defense if the threat faced or when there is a reasonable fear of getting harmed.

However, some people are against the permission of firearms in fear of getting injured or harmed. Additionally, there is the fear of the presence of active shooters in the streets who can endanger the lives of other citizens as well as the malicious use of the guns by some lawbreakers such as robbers who can harm or kill other people. Moreover, school shooting can occur in schools such as colleges or universities where people could be allowed to possess and carry guns. In order to curb such dangers, the Second Amendment prohibits the citizens the ownership of some coon firearms such as the automated-guns and silencers. Further, the law does not allow the use of rifles in or around the schools so as to prevent school shootings (Harnsberger 131). Nevertheless, there are some exceptions in which some government officials are allowed to carry concealed firearms for the purpose of law enforcement.

The open and conceal carry of firearms should be permitted in the state of Texas. The open carry of firearms is solely meant for the purpose of self-protection or self-defense. However, these permissions could have some devastating impacts when some people may decide to negatively use their guns to inflict injuries on others as in the case of robbers. On the other side, concealed carry of firearms is necessary when used by the government for law enforcement especially in the areas where the open carry of firearms has been prohibited such as in the learning institutions.

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