Analyzing Technology through the Lens of the Natural and Applied Sciences - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-15
Analyzing Technology through the Lens of the Natural and Applied Sciences - Essay Sample
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Technology Social Commentary through Natural and Applied Sciences and How to Enhance or Resolve Technology

Science helps in resolving and enhancing the use of technology, which helps people enhance their daily activities. People are using social medial to find a place in the world and assisting scientists in understanding people's social scientist behavior into data collection to evaluate and understand why people act in a particular way and what attracts them to their behavior. In the contemporary world, technology has helped change the world into a global village because of significant inventions such as the internet and phones. One of the most stunning inventions is various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. TikTok is among the major social media platforms across the globe. TikTok has six hundred and eighty million users, and each user spends fifty minutes on the platform (Herrman, 2019). Scientists can use social media posts to obtain data for research and analysis. When social media users scroll down, they find interesting and eye-catching posts which they can use to enhance their lives. The users frequently use social media platforms because of the pleasure they give to the center of the brain. Psychologists claim that this act is known as “Random Reinforcement,” indicating that people can either like a post and sometimes do not. These apps and platforms have made the span of attention of human beings of all ages to get shorter on a daily basis.

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The good picture of technology is that chemists, scientists, and professors are widely using the TikTok platform to depict various interesting and different experiments linked to science (Lu et al., 2020). Social media platforms are offering great knowledge about science to social media users conveniently and easily. Teachers usually encourage students to post their experiment videos of their assignments on Tik Tok.

Interaction of Technology with Lens of Social Sciences and Impact Social Issues and How Social Science Helps Articulate Understanding of Social Issues

Various social media campaigns are linked to various social problems like gender discrimination, racial problems, and environmental problems. These social issues are experienced on the social media platforms. For instance, TikTok being one of the social media platforms with many users; has created significant issues on society. Many individuals in society have become aware of the issues caused by social media platforms and the importance of implementing a solution for experienced issues. Many social media users mainly Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok users face issues of bullying and mental health. The vulnerabilities of social media platforms have allowed hackers to delete some videos, changing content, and revealing personal information (Al-Sharif et al., 2016). This has put people at risk users of infringing on their privacy and confidentiality. Most women in the world experience harassment and assault in their workplaces and in public facilities and entities like railway stations, airports, and other places.

Every picture used in the world usually has a dark side. Hence, social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter experience cases of cyberbullying, enhanced vulgarity, and women assault and harassment being experienced; hence, strict actions linked to the crimes should be employed. Use of most of the social media platforms has increased crime rates due to the increased cases of vulgarity caused by the use of these platforms. This is because some platforms like Tik Tok are known for sharing funny and quirky videos. This has made the users of these apps to draw attention to social issues, mainly transgender rights, racial injustice, income inequality, climate change, and racial injustice. Thus, actions should be taken to eliminate social issues caused social media platforms.


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