Essay Example on Taking the Sting Out of Gentrification

Published: 2019-06-05 22:51:37
Essay Example on Taking the Sting Out of Gentrification
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In this article, Justine Granville examines the causes and effects of house bust in the United States, especially in New York City. The article presents how the planners can encourage redevelopment of the neighborhood residents and at the same time reduce the widespread, long-term displacement. It is a significant article that explores the preservation of neighborhood and creation of affordable housing.

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The author explains the relationship between the renovation of the residence and how well the residents will cope with the situation. The relation should be mutually beneficial. If the planners should redevelop the city, then there has to be a strategy in which they will ensure that the residents can afford the adjustment so as everyone can embrace change and stay.

The author examines the issue of combating displacement as a result of development in the neighborhood. He evaluates the need to have traditional strategies such as boosting home ownership and opting areas. Projects must first perform the displacement studies to make sure that they will preserve the affordable housing and small businesses existing in the neighborhoods. The article highlights the importance of creating awareness among the residents on the impact that will follow after the possible development.

The researcher in this article explores the problem of anti-gentrification measures which concentrates on the one side of the displacement procedures. The policy deals with the only relocation of the displaced to new localities and building new affordable houses and increase the residents income is left out. The author determines the fact that when the income is raised, most people will opt to accept the new project and embrace it.

The article explores the fear of the residents whereby most of them are afraid of the unfounded and the founded reason to push them out. It is however addressed in the implementation of the economic development policies and creation of new housing to benefit the existing residents.

Olivia Hetzler, Veronica E. Medina, and David Overfelt. "Gentrification, Displacement and New Urbanism: The Next Racial Project." Sociation Today The Official Journal of The North Carolina Sociological Association Volume 4, (2006).

In this article, the authors assess the racial project that was started in the 1950s and 1960s to develop the broader rights for the minorities only to end up as a colorblind conservative backlash. The authors relate the re-articulation of the racial equity with the Neil Smiths waves of gentrification. The three waves that have occurred till today shows the States efforts to eradicate racism, but none of the policies in the three waves of gentrification have succeeded.

The author also examines how the mixed-use, public-private residential communities have been used as a way of finding the solution to the racism problem in urban areas. This plan has also failed because the areas set aside for public residence and mostly the minorities are being sold to the rich. The author views the failure of the plans as a result of predomination of the whites in the gentrification process. The properties prices are extremely high so that they are unaffordable to most of the minority groups hence reducing the integration between the blacks and the whites.

While exploring the theme Keeping it Clean Homelessness and Aesthetics in the new Urbanism, the authors indicate how these actions have led to displacement and homelessness of the minority groups who are the poor in most cases. In this article, the authors suggest that the urban areas are being gentrified without the consideration of the minority. They conclude that, neoliberal ideologies that are used in gentrifying the urban areas encourage the issues of colorblindness.

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