Free Essay: Using Visuals to Enhance Viewer Perception

Published: 2023-03-08
Free Essay: Using Visuals to Enhance Viewer Perception
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Visual media communication is an integrated way of conveying or disseminating information to the target group of the population through the creation of image illustration or topography towards those who see the display. The contextual bit of it is to ensure that the information is visually well portrayed to the correspondent audience (Smith, Moriarty, Kenney & Barbatsis, 2004). It should be able to send a message that is well understood by the target populations. For that reason, Visual media communication should consider the following factors for effective message delivery. The picture representation should be clear and accompanied by the illustrations. Secondly, the location or the target population and the cultural perspectives should also be a factor to consider. Thirdly the information and the sufficient weight that is required to be exerted to the audience and finally, the message conveyed. Regarding advertisement of the law enforcement agencies, the paper will draw a comparative analysis of visual media communication in both urban and suburban region through a billboard. Also, it will focus on the cultural perspectives as well as the audience ability to interpret the encoded information conveyed in a billboard.

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Under the different context of a billboard advertisement, the designer has the mandate to consider the perceptions of the target market as well as ensuring that there are visual expressions that are retrieved from the target population norms and practices. Suburban and urban residents have a different lifestyle as well as methods. Thus there is a need to design two different visual media communication billboard depending on the target audience. Some of the visual elements that may aid in design billboard of the suburban area include populated settlement patterns within different classes of people living and transacting small business. Also should incorporate the practices and the commercial activities as well as daily actions conducted in the area. The image should not be more of administrative but rather of business-oriented. On the other hand, the urban area image representation should mainly entail the high-class living showing the highly commercialised topography. Also, administrative organisations should be put out clearly to induce a high level of service delivery. The general recreation and well-made road networks should scene of the advert. Occasionally, Language and personal values also are a factor to consider in designing the visual media advertisement. Concerning the law enforcement, the human relationship, as well as business culture integration layout, should portray what is required in different regions.

The norms, values, practices and beliefs of the people also depict on what to display and advertise to them. In the case of law enforcement agencies, the designer of the billboard advert is required to be conversant with cultural practices and believes of that particular target audience. However, it would be unworthy to place the visual media communication to their display since it would be hard for the audience to encode and relate it into their context. Therefore, it is essential to establish the cultural perspectives of both suburban and urban audiences. For instance, the social crimes committed in the urban areas are so different compared to the suburban region (Barry, 1997). Most of the urban crime committer usually use armed weapons as well as technological approaches. On the other hand, the suburban regions mainly commit minor crimes such as stealing, robbing and minor confliction within themselves. Therefore, with that in mind, a billboard advertisement would be to design. Secondly, through the use of familiar cultural symbols as used in the different areas would trigger the interest of the audience to learn more about the information portrayed.

Urban Law enforcement agencies advertise Billboard

Following an example of the visual media communication, an image projected from historical terrorism of a mall attack as well as a dramatic illustration of events and proceeding that were conducted to enforce the law are shown. Also, in the billboard, a picture of the ruling Magistrate aggressively portrayed to pass judgement on cybercrime (Cruz, 2012). The image representation of a man termed criminal imprisoned for life as he holds his cheek in sympathy. Regarding the billboard, a clear impression is created to induce law enforcement as well as attracting the attention of the audience by their know incidence of the mall terrorist attack that had happened. The billboard, therefore in regard to the mall and judgement procedure as portrayed tend to advance the law input in the urban areas to end the terror attacks that are often made within the urban areas. In respect to the information display, the criminals around the city would be able to learn about the seriousness of the law enforcement and charges that are bound to have against such crime (Floyd, 1983). The billboard, therefore, it is specific on the urban audience in the enforcement of the laws as it reveals the previous crime that devastated the city as well as the experience upon which people suffered. In through the feeling instilled and attention; therefore, the billboard is able to address the repercussions and expectations of the law enforcement. That way, the urban audience critically get affected and tend to observe and report any form of terrorism attack suspected.

Suburban Law enforcement agencies advertisement Billboard

The legislation advertisement in a suburban area may involve the image representation advocating child rights. At that particular point, parents facing judgement in the law of court as well as a picture of the prosecutor guiding a child to the children's right office. The billboard of such kind of nature may also induce sense and implications of childhood maltreatment, thus revealing the often incidences that happen as well as connecting to correction measures. The directive is also well illustrated through the demonstration effect to end children maltreatment.

Emotions of both Audience from Suburban and Urban areas on billboards

From the billboard on the law enforcement regarding children right and maltreating and urban terrorism attack law action, different audience possesses different feelings about them. For instance, through the mass destruction and killing depicted in the representation of mall attack, show great torture that leads into the prison for their destructive action. It is a touching representation for an urban audience to redirect them in reporting any suspicious terrorist to the nearby authorities for proper action. Similarly, the children and good-hearted people are advocated to report any case of child Maltreatment to induce the law effectively (Giron, 2005). The feeling instilled in the billboard target children living in suburban areas where the experience of the family conflicts and child maltreatment are rampant. The residents are emotionally moved through a reminder of such events, making them aware of the law governing them.

Visual Semiotic Codes In Both Images

The legislation process in both billboards has on harmer as metonymic code to emphasis the law enforcement and judicial action. The analogical code is vivid in both image presentation whereby the illustration appears in different colour and more so in red to indicate the implication of breaking the laws. Similarly, the analogical code is seen on the children right office with a twig to symbol implying freedom. Urban billboard advertisement on law enforcement to terrorist attacks, a man holding his cheek in sympathy provide a displayed code that alters the meaning intended (Barry, 1997). The audience may encode the image as the sympathy for those who were attacked in the mall. However, the man is in despair of his actions. Finally, the induction of composite images, signs and illustration provide both billboards with condensed code. The signs are co-related to each other and work in the advocation of law enforcement.


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