Free Essay Example on the Critical Class Room

Published: 2019-09-16
Free Essay Example on the Critical Class Room
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Social life and the creation of liberation movement is an important factor in the life of the human species of planet earth. The social agenda of The Critical Class Room is the promotion of education for liberation and movement building. The institution is led to develop a values-led organization led by walking your talk. The working principal and working strategy remain firm on the concept that the power and leadership of people in the grass roots are the core factors in the creation of a liberation. The core objectives is to create financial and political independence of the people (Brent and Lewis).

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Time, Place and People

Project South was developed in 1991; the organization was formed with the core need to help absolve educational issues about the history of African-Americans and the People of their South agenda to the nation as a whole. There is a development need to help educate the masses on the importance of education; that is political education, enlighten on the way to exercise their political rights for the creation of politically aware individuals. The basic principles is to help people understand their legal rights and freedoms, the emancipation of people towards political freedom and the elimination of the dogma of white man supremacy and the discredit given to African-Americans.

The project is focused on the South-eastern United States, the geographical coverage of the organization covers the states of Georgia, all the way in the southeast inclusive of Washington DC. The organization is composed of people from different sectors of life, different ages and ideologies to life, but that is what makes a great organization in my own personal opinion. The constituency is made up of social workers, scholar-activists, students, the youth, welfare recipients, community-based groups and grass roots groups that are composed of low-income class communities and people of color (Harvey).

Political Economy and Technology

The political environment within the Critical Classroom is that of political revolution; the common belief is the appreciation of the differences in people, the power of diversity which would allow humanity to develop to the fullest potential it can. The concept is developed out of the need to create a united global community that values the available resources to man and using them effectively to manage them in a sustainable way.

The political economy of this organization is to improve the political education and awareness of people. There is a demand to educate people on their political powers, and the civil rights they can exercise the concept of the book is to enlighten the minority on their political rights. The understanding of the abilities and rights of every human being is important in helping people to understand the power they possess. There is power in numbers, the creation of liberation movements is important in helping to push for the demands of the masses, the society provides a platform for people to air their issues and it can be directed as a popular vote for change (McKay). Through the development of an association composed of political activities, scholar-activist, social workers and the common minority, the group stands a chance of getting the attention of the necessary authorities they call for. It is imperative that the people work in organized groupings will help in providing a common voice for the people to air out their demands and grievances. The society believes in educating people of the rights they have been denied and that they should stand up for their rights.

The concept is to help the academic common people understand the workings of political environments, the insider working of the economy. Concepts like inflation are taught, people are enlightened on how the controllers of the world do plunge society into financial downtimes, the understanding of these concepts and the talks that go ahead in the inner circles of economic and political environments is important. The common man is ignorant of such games and it is important that a social liberation group like the Critical Class room comes in to educate people to create a social, political and educational liberation (McKay).

Power, Politics, and the State

The state is regarded as the political organization that is composed of members who are representatives of the political and economic elite in society. This includes legislative, executive, the judiciary and military bodies. The political belief is that politicians have to kept the power to themselves, the people have no voice as the propositions that have been made is based only on the interest of the minority few and the concerns of the majority, the people living in despondency is not taken into consideration, this leads to suffrage of the minority and the non-concern for their problems.

Politics is the core part of the socialist movement; the critical classroom is a critical movement building because the crises and the contradictions that happen in our daily lives, these common issues are the ones that cause people to revolt, the need to reeducate people on the functioning mechanism of society is important to the organization. Project South has created space and tools for different and diverse sectors of society; the concept is building relationships and trust. Building up leadership voices in society through the youth and scholar-activist and other men of honor, the need to develop a society ruled by conscious minds and people who are aware of their rights and are willing to standup for themselves in the case of violation of their rights.

Culture and Ideology

The culture of the society in the Critical Class room is that of not speaking and learning it but that of being in the process of effecting the change we need to see in society. Being part of the process of movement building. The culture created is one that brings harmonization in the society through bringing marginalized people to the center of the conversation.

The concept in the book Rebel Cities by Harvey, is considerate of the rights of people in the society; it is imperatively important that the rights of people in the streets are emancipated. Urbanization is set as a social class, it is a class phenomenon, and the control of the surplus is left to the hands of a few people.

Education is key in helping people reorganize their thought patterns concerning the inner workings of society. To create an educational revolution is important that individuals are educated through social gatherings and liberation groups to help get people out of the dark ages. Education offers to enlighten awareness to the rights and freedoms; it gives the people to understand the workings of society leaders and they can understand why certain activities are undertaken in a certain way hence in the case of any malpractice by people in these leadership positions one can speak up and stand up against it ("The Critical Classroom | Reimagine!").

Main Theory

Revolutionary theory is used as the key tool for educational liberation, the need for transformative classrooms that aid in movement building in the Critical Classroom social liberation movement. The revolution theory is a tool for transformation, to enable the full potential of revolutionary theory, there is a need for individuals to acquire mass-based education. Persons joining the program have different ideologies to the interpretation of the revolutionary theory, other approach it is the aspect of understanding it through the social and others through political theory, All these people have differences in the way they use the tool but in the overall outlook, the people are able to learn and make a change in the societies they live in.

The core concepts are social education for political and economic freedom. It is important that the common people understand their rights and the workings of the government. To start a liberation movement, there is need to educate people at the grassroots. The education of university students political rights and freedoms is important to the progress of society. An educated graduate has the potential of educating the minority in society who were not lucky enough to go through school due to lack of opportunities and resources needed. It is important that such individuals are educated and it the best people to help to turn this around into reality and the best are learned individuals like social activist and students.

The concept of promoting education as a tool for social reforms in society is critical, without an educated crowd, addressing issues that affect industrial workers, farmers and other service men in society would be an uphill task. Political and intellectual contexts are very much integrated, there is a need to create a society of individuals who understands political groundwork in creating liberation movements as elites play a critical role in negotiations and addressing of important issues that affect the society as a whole. The theories based on socialists movements are important in the development of key infrastructures that make a political and social strife liberation.

Problems Facing Society

The root cause of societal problems is ignorance of the masses and extortion by the rich. The masses are manipulated that the undertakings of political leaders is for the good of society, what people dont understand is that political leaders do not have the interests of the people at heart, all they care about is what is good for them and their families.

Society is faced with challenges like access to affordable medical care, the quality of education offered in public schools; the wages availed to industrial workers and the cost of life. Issues like inflation affect the lives of the common people, in many cases you find that the poor are not able to meet their needs due to the capitalistic society we live in, it is imperative that the unprivileged in society understand that capitalism is what brings in poverty and dependence in society.

The causes of the problems in the society we live in first can be The Political Leadership. The leaders elected to represent the Commons in the House of Representatives are either dormant, non-concerned with the issues facing their people have different motives or not the concerns of the people at heart. The election of leaders who are not focused on helping the minority to progress in life are the primary causes of the problems we face in the current society (Brent and Lewis).

Capitalism is another cause to the problems of the current society. There is a need to re-strategize capitalism societies, people are focused towards profit making, this, in turn, makes other people feel extorted and oppressed economically. The rise in the cost of products, food and high costs of accommodation prevents the growth of individuals.

Ignorance and illiteracy of the majority. Lack of access to quality education and knowledge hold back society and can pull it back to the dark ages. The majority of people in the society we live in are not educated, in the case of changes in the economic structure of the country, they are not able to ask why the changes are effected, and they tend to believe that leaders know it best as to why they executed the changes. There is a big portion of society that cannot standup and fight for their rights.

Proposed Solutions

Education of the Masses

Education is key to liberation and the development of a social revolution that would drift society to the right direction. Through the use of scholars, university lecturers, and political activists, the socialist movement offers classes and discussion topics that are meant to tech people on the inner workings of society. It is important that people are enlightened on the importance of knowledge gain. Through educating people on political and economic matters, plays a critical role in enlightening the masses.


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