Essay Example on the Internet Security Issue

Published: 2019-05-23
Essay Example on the Internet Security Issue
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Since the discovery of the internet, it has come with nothing but numerous advantages like easing communications, making the business look easy, and even helping in the banking industry. Many people have been blinded by these positive attributes of the internet such that they do not even realize that some things are wrong about it. The issue of internet security is today increasingly becoming a problem in many sectors, for instance, the banking industry (Robinson 6). How will someone know where his or her money goes online is a question that baffles many. That era where one had to go to the shop or mall to buy something is gone; people go online today, but that question remains answered. How sure is one when he or she buys goods through the internet? How safe and trustworthy it is? Is someone sure he is paying the right people for the right services? These are concerns that must not be overlooked in any way, but taken into account whenever one accesses the internet (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 3).

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However, there are some ways of ensuring that one is safe from such incidences. Those emails that trick people into giving their personal details are called phishing. They always appear as if they are from legitimate sources and many people are falling into their trap today. The first mechanism that one should do is to avoid doing business in a website that he or she is not sure of. If one feels that the site is not safe by any chance, and then avoid it, instincts may be right at times. Requiring of too many information may be signed that it is not safe. Many people assume the point of checking the website just to ensure that indeed they are at the right site, counterfeits are today becoming rampant. Moreover, it is, therefore, very prudent for any internet user to ensure that he or she is at the right place at all times. Never use a public connection to access the internet when buying goods (Robinson 8). The computers have the capability of saving information, and, this makes it easier for strangers to assess easily one's personal details and thus steal from them.

The password that one uses must be strong enough and is that one that cant be easily cracked. It is, therefore, very hard for the fraudsters to get one's personal information. Also, some financial institutions will never send emails to anyone asking for their personal details like bank details. Moreover, whenever someone gets such emails, and, then he or she should be aware of the risks. It is also paramount to check what other customers say about that retailer, how do they rate it? From there, one can make the right decision (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 10). The computer that is being used to access the internet should be frequently updated. This is to avoid using a machine that is vulnerable to attack by internets security criminals. They always look for that single loophole and maximize that to get access to ones personal information. Another important thing to do while shopping or rather buying things online is to keep an up-to-date record of whatever transaction that is made. It is very normal for someone to forget his or her transactions (Neagu). Therefore, it is best when the records are kept that would help in case of any doubts. Always use a credit card and not a debit card. Many institutions consider these credit cards their properties and thus respond swiftly whenever an online security threat is detected.

As much as one may do all these things, it is imperative for anyone to be aware of how much details he or she gives online. Let it be personal and thus not shared by everyone. Frequent reviews of the accounts are also crucial; it helps one know what he or she has. Internet security is by far today becoming a thorn in the flesh. Moreover, with the dynamics that are currently occurring in the technological world, it comes down to individuals to ensure that they are safe from any form of attack. There might not be a particular program at the moment that would guarantee one safety, but following the outlined guidelines is very critical.

It is very true that the internet was meant to make everything look simple and easy for us, but also one needs to consider the safeties (Robinson 15). No one can guarantee anyone his or her security while in the internet environment. It is, therefore, very clear that as our need for more purchasing options increases, the need for more security measures to increases. The internet is one of the best inventions that are ever made, but it also comes with its adverse side effects. Enjoy using it but at the same time be vigilant not to fall a victim of circumstance. One must ensure that he or she knows where his or her cash goes while using the internet, try not to be robbed!

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