Free Essay Example. Synopsis of Audiotopia

Published: 2023-02-12
Free Essay Example. Synopsis of Audiotopia
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Audiotopia is a book written by Josh Kun, an associate professor of English in the University of California. He also contributes to different magazines like Los Angeles and New York Times. Josh Kun, in the book, expresses the relationships between Music, race, and ethnic identity in an attempt to argue that the history of American track and ethnicity is to music (Biddle, 2017). The book focuses on the space between music, songs, and sounds about the race and ethnicity of American People. This paper provides the synopsis of the book Audiotopia chapters 1, 5 and 6 by Josh Kun.

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Chapter one of the book talks about how to hear the American song - the book attempt to prove that America loves its music which is unique and diverse. The author gives an account of American famous and cross music which incorporates different racial content and transformation. The sound of the music, according to Josh Kun, is ensuring white racial power relating to Whitman, who did not see the democratic utopia. The chapter argues that there is a connection between race and music. Josh Kun gives examples of Whitman's poem with a different view of music and claims that various types and styles of American music have diversity and uniqueness.

Chapter five of the book speaks of Katz's music and parodic music of the American nations that have a double culture.He believes that Katz's music has a flavor of Yiddish speaking immigrants in America in 1950 onwards. Josh Kun provides an example of music as evidence of the relationship between music and ethnicity evident in the music. Katz's music had a strong Yiddish accent with the mispronounced English word in it. The instruments in the music are different from real America music; it does not assimilate change and political lines. He argues that Katz's music performances and styles are not in line with the assimilation of American musical tools. And it questions American culture.The chapter specifically gives an example of music in America that does not reflect American culture and can easily be distinguished.

Chapter 6 is the last chapter of the book, which shows the transformation of music in America. The author gives examples of different bands that were performed in the 1990s up to today. He exclaims that such music is natural and is the definition of American roots. However, there has been modernity that has influenced the music. Different generations and American descendants have influenced the local music-making it global and post-national music.

In conclusion, Josh Kun has argued about the relationships between music, races and ethnicity specifically in the American state. He gives examples of styles, sounds, and instruments in different music that proved the relationship between culture and music. His arguments were legit but also have some limitations. He argues that American is interracial and diverse, which logically does not justify the origin of American race and ethnics. Josh Kun also admits that the music has undergone a transformation and is now beyond ethnic, cultural, and racial lines. In his arguments, he speaks of the relationship between music and politics redefining originality. In general, the songs and band given as examples in the book prove that music can define culture associated with different ethnicity and identity. Music also is a reflection of different backgrounds assimilated together. Finally, the current generation music is brought in different sounds, styles, and techniques which reflect dynamic cultures and identities.


Biddle, I. (2017). Music and Identity Politics. Routledge.

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