Free Essay with a Personal Branding Statement

Published: 2017-12-08
Free Essay with a Personal Branding Statement
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I am a senior-level professional with over 30 years of experience, a strong project leader with exceptional people skills, experience in sales, purchasing, and negotiations, and a resourceful logistics problem solver. I have over 12 years of specialized analytical training and with solid experience in supply chain management, strong organizational and multi-tasking skills. I am detailed-oriented and very proficient at utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods to determine gaps and weaknesses in processes. I am proficient at developing training plans that address a broad range of logistics problem. My core competencies include staff supervision and development, problem-solving, teamwork, logistics consulting, inventory control, DOD Financial Improvement Audit Readiness consulting, supply chain management, and Oracle database management. I enjoy assisting organizations as they transition from legacy-based systems to Enterprise Resource Planning systems. I like sharing information across all functional areas of business to improve supply chain efficiency. I love working with teams to develop measurable deliverables, criteria, and metrics. I have well-documented overseas experience in providing global knowledge for U.S. based companies. I am keen on establishing and strengthening strategic networks and alliances and my passion is to be on the front row in working with any organization to reach greater heights. I bring novel and noble things to the table because I believe in how much I can give to the organization rather than how much the organization can to give me. I am sure that I can work with any assignment that is given to me. I have vast experience in such matters and am sure that I will not disappoint. I have won trust from many people who have given me responsibilities.

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