Free Essay on Politics - The Subject That Excites Me

Published: 2017-11-28
Free Essay on Politics - The Subject That Excites Me
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Turning 18 years old just before this year’s United States elections, I find myself torn in between two polarized views consisting of liberals and conservatives. Being a moderate conservative, I am alarmed by the current situation in which the US presidential candidates sometimes exploit baseless issues such as family life of the aspirants and racist ideologies to promote polarization and adversities. For instance, it startles to hear some liberals argue that anyone who supports Donald Trump for US presidency is not in his or her right senses but does not provide any convincing explanation for such a stance. If this statement was to be taken from their surface meanings, the message that each side tries to pass is that the opponent completely lacks worthwhile agenda for the United States at large. This is a misleading account since at least one or two ideologies by the aspirants have positive implications for the country if implemented. For instance, Trump looks more focused on approaches towards saving the American economy despite his arguments which turn out to discriminate based on race, religion and economic stratification.

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I attribute the cases in which politicians blatantly oppose their opponent’s ideologies and policies without providing any information that support such stands to political intolerance which should not be practiced in a progressive democracy such as the United States. This stock of leaders exploits the media to promote one sided arguments. I believe that the political environment of the United States of America can be made better by promoting politicians to concentrate on the changes, and opportunities that America has as a way of promoting collective solutions. In essence, politicians have the moral obligation to provide a sense of direction by focusing on solving issues that affect the public as opposed to attacks.

I believe that competitive politics is important in making a country more democratic and conducive for all its citizens. However, a lack of focus on the main issues such as unstable economy, the effects of terrorist attacks, foreign policy and relations results in electoral process that is full of chaos and bigotry which lowers the essence of the American dream of prosperity, social justice and cohesion. The youths, especially those who are just getting into the mainstream American socio-political and economic environment become more affected if leaders do not make the future of America their priority. The one important thing that Americans need to understand to make political processed more objective than subjective is that the country is one indivisible sovereign state. With this mindset, elections and any other contested processes are more likely to create win-win situations for Americans instead of creating adversaries.

If the leaders and members of the public understand their critical obligations in the economy of the US, they create foresight, and constructive thinking among the citizens which motivate them to focus on unity and development. It also results in cohesion, socio-economic and political progress in America. Therefore, it is important for the liberals and conservatives alike to argue issues based on facts and evidence as a means of avoiding chaotic electoral processes that are more likely to divide the country than unite it as ought to be the case. Notwithstanding the fact that competitive politics is ideal to creating progressive democracies, such competitions should be directed towards improving the quality of governance not diminishing it.

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