Subject: Advisory Memo on Polio in Nigeria

Published: 2022-12-05
Subject: Advisory Memo on Polio in Nigeria
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A humble reminder to the citizens that polio remains a common problem that the country is facing and continues to pose a greater threat to the lives of many children within Nigeria. Research shows that a higher percentage of the higher generation continues to suffer the effect of polio yet the government and the international organizations have better ways in place to help remedy the situation (Kazi, Khalid & Kazi, 2014). Members of the public should know that every effort by the government is for their best interest. Following the detection of wild poliovirus within a greater part of Nigeria especially on the northern side of the country, the international organizations and a greater part of the national institutions took center stage to work as one team. With every strategy in place, there are hope and positive efforts towards the realization of the nation's health policy, which is to kick polio out of Nigeria and within its border nations such as Chad and Cameroon. The government is currently calling for a maximum corporation.

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The community should ensure that they offer a conducive environment where nurses and other specialized healthcare providers can use every strategy possible to help in children's vaccination (Roberts, 2016). Various activities within Nigeria continue to take place with a motive to reach every part of Nigeria with vaccination efforts (Polio Global Eradication Initiative (2017). Additionally, it is important to note that the country is also in the underway to ensure that it works towards enhancing surveillance efforts as it also focuses on ways to reach out to every family. Moreover, it is a humble request for every parent to offer Maximum Corporation in such a way that those parents will work with the vaccination team to help eradicate polio within Nigeria. The main reason why parents should work with the health providers is mainly to help in identification of homes that and missed children in such a way that will help save more life from the possible dangers of polio.

Religious leaders like Islamic scholars and Imams are always called upon in case there is some form of misinterpretation regarding the polio vaccine, and when called, it will be important that they show a close response towards eradication of polio. That is because some of the caregivers have a notion that the vaccine is against their religious principles. Through this religious involvement, families become flexible the vaccination is given to their children easily thus eradicating poliovirus (Polio Global Eradication Initiative, 2017). Community development services in Nigeria are on the right track of doing away with illiteracy, poverty, and disease. There are structures set aside at Local Government Area, village, and ward level that simplifies the amendments in the country. The most significant people in the fight against polio are the heads of the districts and villages. Villagers respect the traditional local leaders who have been holding on to these powers names from the pre-colonial period. Therefore, when carrying out an operation against polio, they should deploy groups that will educate the local community about immunization against polio.

A continuous immunization and vaccination should reach the community people. They always do a door-to-door campaign thus reaching out to all people in their villages and wards and bring up any issues related to the vaccination.

Since a higher population within Nigeria have proven beyond reasonable doubt to corporate with the medical personalities, it will be a good gesture for the government and the international world health organization. A common knowledge that Nigeria is a country recognized even by the international bodies that it has a higher rate of a polio outbreak and the chances of spreading the infection is relatively much higher (Polio Global Eradication Initiative, 2017). Traditional leaders such as the village chiefs and rulers have always shown good example and encouraged members of the communities to ensure that they can receive the necessary vaccinations through their children in such a way that it seeks to make Nigeria a country that is free from cases of polio infections (Ophori,et., al, 2014). It is important to acknowledge the fact that a higher population of the Nigerians has shown trust towards vaccination and approximately less than 1% is the people that remain undecided.

To conclude, the fight against polio in Nigeria has continued to be on the rise. It is important that the remaining population learn to corporate and work together as one entity with a common a cord towards making Nigeria a nation that is a polio-free. Leaders should continue to be at the forefront to encourage members of the society to corporate with the medical staffs given that their motive is to help the country reach its goals on health and medication.


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