Readmission Essay Example

Published: 2017-09-24
Readmission Essay Example
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I am writing to request readmission to the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications at Texas A&M University to continue my Master’s Degree in Leadership Education. I would like to ask you to reinstate me to my prior position during the coming semester to allow me complete the course.

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I confess that I went through some challenging situations for various reasons when I last attended the university in 2010. The situations I went through forced me to put my academics on hold to allow me to concentrate effectively on the tasks that lied ahead of me. I do not wish to excuse my leaving school, but I want to explain the situations. I was not aware that when I took a job with BP in Mexican Gulf, I would be required to travel a lot. Secondly, I encountered a terminal illness of an immediate family member, which further complicated my learning situation. While at school, I used to be distracted by the situation going on at home, hence posing challenges for me when trying to focus on my schoolwork. I was left with insufficient time to concentrate on my studies. Therefore, based on the tough situations I was going through at the time, I decided to put my education endeavors on hold to concentrate on the pressing issues.

I have a deep appreciation and love for Texas A&M University based on its capacity to transform individuals to good and capable leaders and professionals who are capable of coping with the presently competitive workplace. Once I graduate from the university, I believe the Master’s Degree in Leadership Education will help me excel in my oil and gas industry career, especially in my leadership position in Project Controls. Since I have been working as a Project Controls Leader at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, I believe the degree will provide me with numerous opportunities for becoming an effective leader in managing projects more efficiently and allow me to make significant transformations in the oil industry.

A career in leadership plays an essential role in the oil and gas sector. The oil industry is highly competitive and demands creativity and innovation to excel. Hence, by being reinstated to Texas A&M University, I will lay considerable emphasis on schoolwork, manage my time in a wise manner, and devote fewer hours to work. I have also consulted my advisor, and I will follow his advice on how to balance between school hours and work. Therefore, as I have only nine hours remaining to complete the course, I would wish to request an opportunity to complete it online. The opportunity will be more appropriate since I will manage to complete my course more conveniently without any major distractions in the workplace.

Please understand that my putting school on hold does not mean that I do not appreciate the education. In fact, I believe that the course I enrolled for at the University has the capacity of allowing me to excel in my future career as a leader, especially in project controls, which I have gained tremendous experience in while at the workplace. I look forward to getting a second chance to prove my worth at the institution and commitment to succeed in life. Thank you for considering the readmission request.

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