Toxic Exposure Article Analysis. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-09-02 10:03:19
Toxic Exposure Article Analysis. Essay Example.
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Evaluation Criteria Article

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Currency: When was the article published? Is it current enough for your purpose? Published on: May 1st, 2014.

It is current enough since it touches on the daily concerns of toxic exposure.


Does the information relate to your topic or answer your research question?

Is the information at an appropriate level (not too basic and not too advanced for your needs)? The information presented offers a detailed insight into the link between toxic exposure and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases.


Who wrote the article? What are his/her credentials?

Who published the article? The authors of the article: Kathy Attar and Karen Bowman, are qualified professional in the health care field. Attar holds a Masters in Public Health degree and has a lengthy experience on issues relating to chemical toxics. Bowman is a registered occupational health nurse and an environmental health specialist, she holds a Masters in Nursing degree.

The article is published by the American Nurse journal, a reputable journal on health issues.


Is the information supported by evidence/references? What kinds? The information presented in the article is accurate since it is supported by descriptive statistics, figures illustrating the magnitude of exposures and the extent of chronic diseases attributed to human exposure to toxins


Based on this worksheet, do you think this source is useful to your purposes and reliable? Why or why not? This article is very useful and reliable; since if presents me with accurate and validate information on human exposure to chemical toxins as one of the major causes of chronic diseases.

What is the main idea of your source? Increased human exposure to chemical toxins has resulted in increase prevalence of chronic diseases.

(2)What ideas support the main idea? Attar and Bowman present descriptive statistics to illustrate the magnitude of the effect.

(3)Which ideas/arguments do you agree with? Why? I agree with Attar and Bowman (2014) that the rising threat of environmental toxins have resulted in the modification of the nature of humanity represents an enhancement of the basic humanness. I also agree with argument that preventing exposure to hazardous chemicals is way better than adopting corrective measures or remedies

(4)Which ideas/arguments do you disagree with? Why?

I do not agree with the authors that the presence of toxins in our homes can be tied to obesity as it has been argued that environmental toxins may not necessarily lead to lifestyle diseases

(5)Which ideas might you cite in your response? Pick 1-2 ideas. Evidence continues to grow that exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to serious disease

a.Will you use direct quotes or paraphrase that information? I would paraphrase the information

b.How will you explain the authors idea(s) to your audience? In other words, what do you want your reader to understand from that piece of evidence? I want the reader to understand that if something is not done to reduce the rising levels of exposure to toxins, the entire human race might be wiped out by chronic diseases./


Attar, K., & Bowman, K. R. (2014).Rising threat of environmental toxins, link to chronic diseases.American Nurse, 46(2), 4.

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