Transfer Application Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-11
Transfer Application Essay Sample
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I am a strong believer in the school of thought that states that faith without action is dead and goals without a plan are mere wishes. Additionally, as my parents insist, the more effort one puts in their life the luckier they get. These have been my driving forces in life, and hence I have always strategic decisions and plans with the goal being to pursue my passion, a career in accounting. Specifically, my passion lies in specialization in Managerial Accounting with a focus on technology. When I joined my current university I was elated that the sky was the limit for me in pursuit of a Managerial Accounting course.

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However, as I spent more time in my current university, it became clear to me that the standards of academics that I had expected were not being met. This fact became more obvious when I briefly visited a friend in University of Texas in Austin, where I came across the broad offerings in the school of accounting as well as the very resourceful library which my current university lacks. While I feel our professors do a wonderful job in the classroom, accessing the extras such as consultations with the professors outside class has been difficult; as such privileges are reserved for upper-class students.

The University of Texas in Austin which has always been my ideal institution to study accounting and the choice of my current university was appropriate to me at the time mainly because it was logistically strategic from where my family resides. My reasons for the transfer are mainly academic. The University of Texas has one of the best accounting schools in the United States and in my mind has been the benchmark whose ideals I aim to emulate. The university has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of professors and a resourceful library. I am very confident your university will offer the sense of challenge and hard work that I just need to bring back my eagerness to seek knowledge and be the best accountant I can be.

In my experience, my university has really opened up my mind to the world through interaction with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I have established valuable relationships and made many friends here but I am willing to sacrifice this progress in order to pursue my dreams at University of Texas. I strongly believe my progress will be better, my experience more enriching and my future brighter. Though I am aware that I would get a good education at my current university, my instincts tell me that I would have to go through too many hurdles to achieve my goals at best or at worst have to settle below my potential. I have resolved that a transfer to your university gives me the best opportunity for education as an accounting major student in addition to pushing me closer towards a vibrant Managerial Accounting career.

Challenges at the workplace

I had a brief working experience at a local restaurant where I was stationed in the accounting department. The job is sentimental to me as it offered me the opportunity to set foot in the accounting world. In addition, it taught me the essence of punctuality and discipline, enabling me to learn at an early age what values were useful in the employment setting. However, I came across some challenges during my time at the firm which I would like to share.

The most glaring challenge I encountered was the rigid style of management and operation. The management was not to be questioned on any decisions they made and the employees had no option but to obey the orders. Therefore, the other staff just went on with their jobs and "leaving it to the seniors to figure it out" when there were some major decisions to be made in the firm. No one was willing to offer any suggestions or alternative ways of thinking to the seniors because they feared the repercussions. This struck me as an odd way to run a business in the modern times as it went against all ideals I had been taught in school. The firm did not encourage independent thinking and therefore the essence of the employees working as a team was missing. There was very little flow of information, mainly of the top-down approach. This proved to be a source of conflict between me and one of the managers as I strongly believe in independence and interdependence as the most important factors for teamwork. More often than not, I tried to engage the manager on the importance of allowing open-mindedness in the operations of the restaurant so as to accommodate the diverse personalities of the employees. However, the managers saw me as a problematic employee and continually reminded me of my little experience in the workplace. As a result, there was a strain in the relationship between me and the managers, making my working experience a pursuit of testing my perseverance.

However, I took it upon myself to engage with a friendly senior staff member who was eager to listen to me. I recommended the idea of introduction of a suggestion box where the staff would anonymously air their opinions and recommendations as a way to improve the operations of the restaurant. Indeed, towards the end of my time working there, they implemented the idea. By the time I left, there was a gradual improvement in the way the management and the staff related to each other.

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