Special Topics in Criminal Justice. Free Essay

Published: 2023-08-29
Special Topics in Criminal Justice. Free Essay
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The American government should invest in fighting organized crime rather than counter-terrorism. The law enforcement resources should be directed to fight this kind of criminal activity in the society. Organized crime is composed of highly centrally controlled groups established to carry out criminal acts. Such groups commit crimes involving burglary of goods, bribery, and extortion, ransom robbery, and payment orders. (Taylor, 2018) Counter-terrorism integrates the discipline, tactics, techniques, and methods used by the government, military department, law enforcement officials, industry, and intelligence services to prevent terrorism.

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The problem of organized crime in the United States goes beyond harmful activities like human trafficking, financial fraud, and drug dealing. Even though the US is a successful country, it has been directly threatened by criminal groups that have infiltrated political institutions through bribery and corruption (Taylor, 2018). Despite the challenges, the US has invested heavily in law enforcement to minimize the impact of organized crime. Therefore, law enforcement agencies play a critical role in reducing the negative effects of organized crime on society.

Organized crime in the United States has disrupted a lot, including the economic system and national defense. For the first time in 15 years, the Organized Crime Council was convened again to resolve this continuing threat. Organized crime has become more supranational, and with more open borders and Internet expansion, perpetrators are placing the U.S. at risk not just from inside but from outside (Logan, 2018). Organized crime could destabilize the economy with nefarious practices leading to a loss of tax revenue for the United States government. Illegal activities in areas such as strategic commodities, finance, insurance, stocks, securities, and financing could further disrupt the already unstable financial system.

Conclusively, to eliminate the threat of organized criminal activity, the United States federal government and law enforcement officials have developed and implemented stringent rules that place serious ramifications on persons convicted with organized crime. The U.S. government has initiated numerous law enforcement officials to find out and govern risk factors that may commit organized crimes to safeguard and discourage such criminal activities. The U.S. government has taken numerous steps in combat against illegal activities, and all these measures aimed at the issue of organized crime. Hence, it is essential for the United States to focus on bulk law enforcement in battling organized crime.


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