Free Essay Sample - Motivational Structure

Published: 2023-05-02
Free Essay Sample - Motivational Structure
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Different conditions motivate me to work rapidly towards achieving my goals and targets. Working under little or no stress makes me motivated because stress is a contributing factor to a lack of motivation, especially when working with several people in an organization (Cook, 2018). The eagerness to find a solution to a certain obstacle at work is my greatest motivator. In conditions where I am entrusted with an issue that needs to be solved and deep within I know that I can find a solution, I find myself motivated to accomplish the task and ensure that I do not fail the person who has trusted me with the project.

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I am also motivated by the reality that by the time I leave work at the end of my shift, I realize that I have helped in creating a difference in another person's life either a direct client or a client in another part of the world that uses the products I produce. Working in a cooperative team also motivates me to rapidly work as we help each other solve different issues that may be hard to solve as an individual (Cook, 2018). Fairness and equality in my place of work is also a major motivation for me to achieve my goals. When all people are treated equally with no discrimination, it becomes easier for me to interact with others easily. Easy interactions make it easier the development of skills that enable me to easily reach my target.

Good communication is another motivation for me to accomplish my goals and targets as I am able to seek advice from other people and acquire the right information before venturing into a certain activity. The reward that I will get after accomplishing a task also offers me a lot of motivation (Ramadanty & Martinus, 2016). The reward may be either intrinsic or extrinsic, and it improves my motivation to work and accomplish different tasks assigned. It is easy for me to work harder and accomplish my goals in cases where I know that I will receive a salary after the end of the month.

Elements that Affect My Accuracy

Stressful situations have always had a negative impact on my performance due to the increased pressure to accomplish a certain duty while lacking happiness that is essential for me to accomplish my goals at work. Stress affects my accuracy, and most of the time, when I report to work under stress either from home or in my work station, I find my productivity to decrease sharply (Ramadanty & Martinus, 2016). Working in a noisy environment also affects my accuracy as I am not able to concentrate on my tasks. Sometimes, the people that are assigned as my teammates also affect my accuracy, especially in cases where some of them are hard to deal with, or we lack similar goals and timeframes to accomplish certain objectives.

Increase of Probability in Completion of the Action

The experiment at the end of the section enabled me to plan my time because I was easily able to plan on my time and avoid postponing the period to perform a certain activity. I was able to account for every minute of my day, and this helped me to list down all the procrastination instances I faced in a day after comparing my goals for the day with what I achieved at the end. By keeping a clear record of how I spent my day, I was able to easily estimate how much time and effort I needed to complete a certain activity. This estimation played a major role in increasing my probability of finishing the activities I was working on as I was able to plan for the next day and strive to achieve my plans.


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