Essay Sample: My Passion for Creativity, Music, and Art

Published: 2022-06-02
Essay Sample: My Passion for Creativity, Music, and Art
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Every individual has something that he or she aspires to do in life and as for me, creativity, music, and art define who I am. When I envision living in an empty world with no type of creativity, music, or art, I see the universe as one with terrible and melancholic life. Creativity refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to come up with something new to help us avoid day-to-day challenges. Creative individuals have come up with unique designs of buildings and laying structures that capture the eye of observers, necessitating another form of activities like tourism. Music is a form of art and cultural activity that involves the use of pitch, rhythm, and dynamics to create a sweet tone. Various musicians of all genres have inspired life through their music as they communicate various messages through their art and song designs. Well, I liken the art of music with birds that keep producing different melodies that soothe the soul for the keen ear. Music surrounded us, and it profoundly accounts on how we keenly listen as one can reach catharsis just by listening to a tunes. Artists use the technique of capturing a thousand words in one painting, something I love doing and generate inner peace with myself. I have to say that amongst all my passions, art painting occupies a special place in my heart because the joy it brings to me is transcendent. The main aim of the paper is to address the three passions in my life, which include creativity, music, and art painting.

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At a glance, many people do argue that creativity is a positive advance for humanity that rises above the status quo knowledge. On the other hand, I see creativity being the ability to use imagination to develop unique things which we end up embracing as new (Zaidel 14). Usually, I do not believe that new things exist in this world, but instead, we try to modify the available resources endorsed by us already and enhance them to reflect our way of interpretation. The world is like a huge web where all the creative minds people are interconnected in a way that the on always improves on the efforts of another. In other instances, mindful movement such as martial arts and yoga can become used as a technique to ignite creativity within oneself. Personally, I do find this activity somewhat demanding, and this may explain my weakness in creativity among the three passions I have. Moreover, meditation forms another part of a process that can aluminate our inner creativity to bring great results on the outside world according to psychologists (Alexander par.10). Nonetheless, sometimes I become impatient and end up viewing meditation as wastage of time, but I am keen on observing and through this, ideas come flowing in my mind that I can then put them into reality.

Additionally, I have a passion for music, a melody that stirs up feelings emotions when a someone listens and has been appreciated by many. I began music interest at my youth age, whereby I could play the guitar during leisure time, and slow by slow I came to love fall deep into music. At some point people even thought thssat I was crazy because I would ideally serenade for anything that was in front of me. Well, I can say that my parents supported me enough by buying me guitars, and I would emulate various bands while they performed. With advancement in the level of education, my passion increased and demanded to taste another type of musical instrument; thus, I started playing the violin. I perfected skills in both violin and the guitar, such that I could not afford to miss musical classes and performances held in the school. My classmates looked up to me to provide the musical instrument sounds that would transform the audiences into wild dance and singing. Events such as family gathering also manifested my desire for music even high as I was always called upon to entertain the guests. In that way, it feels so much joy and humble, as I proudly see how everyone pays attention to what I do. However, I do not have a nice voice to sing and I see this as a shortcoming in my field of music art. Playing musical instruments brings joy to my life and those around me, but I would love to sing along the melodies of the instruments. In addition to playing an instrument so well, I always strive to develop the talent of singing believing I will make progress.

By looking at the bright side in that, I might have shortcomings in creativity and music, but nothing matches my passion in art painting. I share a similar view of art painting with the pioneers and that is it can get experienced in transformational spaces. The technique brings those involved to live in concrete works of abstract art which also acts as a link between the past and the present. I developed a passion for painting in the early years at school whereby I painted anything that came to my mind. I see painting activity as part of my life, and I always love the fact that it challenges me to take up new tasks. I go with an adage that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and somehow this has become my mantra. I pick up something and try to create an impeccable painting about it in which different people can generate a different understanding of the same. The paints I make tend to boost my self-esteem such that whenever I accomplish a piece of painting, I feel playing an essential role in society. People interact and appreciate my work; furthermore, the exaltation builds my self-esteem knowing that I have a talent and a gift worthwhile of changing the world. According to some research, the findings reveal information which shows that paintings sometimes helps in the healing process for the mentally ill patients (Aysel 741). Therefore, I always look forward to developing paintings that will be used in hospital settings to help the sick feel a bit calm.

In conclusion, my passion for creativity, music and art painting forms part of my integral life and happily enjoy doing what make please me. Creativity means using one's imagination to develop a unique thing, and though am less talented in it, I could express my creativity by modifying other works. I wish to declare that the art of playing musical instruments, both the guitar and violin bring me the sense of fulfilment and peace. Sometimes I wish to sing along the joyful melodies I create when playing these instruments but the passion of painting compensates the shortcomings. Painting guides my life, and hence the reason I put a lot of efforts and thoughts into it to see the success at the end. A world without creativity music and art would become so void and dull and without any sense of neither purpose nor joy for me.

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