Essay Sample on Buyer's Perspective

Published: 2023-01-29
Essay Sample on Buyer's Perspective
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Definitely, the Walker Mower has its own place. They make the yard look appealing even from a distance (Walker, 2019). Indeed, this is why they are used almost on a daily basis. What is more, they make the yard look appealing. They have a beautiful cut/strip that makes maneuverability easy. With Walkers, I can maneuver through ditches. It also provides superior bagging ability. Indeed, Walker is the ultimate lawn.

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Walker mowers are revolutionary devices that have superior designs. The most standard commercial product is Model T. The engine design is Kohler Carb and uses the 25 HP power model (Small Engines Express,2019). The engine is light, which offers the advantage of producing less compaction. It has 60" Dozen Blade and 50"-2 stage snow blower that provides beautiful cuts (Small Engines Express,2019). Moreover, it is127 cm in height and a width of 99 cm (Small Engines Express,2019). Finally, it uses Gasoline as the fuel, which is cheaper. Indeed, this most standard model since it is designed to meet the expectations of operators who want a comfortable and fast-moving mowing with appealing results.


Walker Mowers are unique and have myriads of benefits over other lawnmowers. Firstly, they make beautiful cuts when compared to other mowers (Walker, 2019). The size and style of the deck have a unique engineering design that makes appealing cuts. Secondly, they weigh less than other competitive mowers (Walker, 2019). This offers them the advantage of maneuvering through the grass with much less turf compaction.


It provides beautiful cuts. The deck trims on both sides and thus keeps the grass at the same level. Again, they weigh less and therefore, can move through the grass with ease without causing compaction (Nier & Reichen, 2017). Besides, they are fast, and thus, they dramatically reduce trimming time. Next, it offers better visibility-one can see what is being cut while it the process of mowing continues (Nier & Reichen, 2017). Finally, a feature that I find striking in this model is that it is highly versatile and thus can operate in both commercial, rural, as well as in field cutting.


When it comes to the issue of evaluating the value of a product, a customer compares its benefits relative to its costs. As a customer, the perceived value is higher due to the advantages that Walker has over other competitive models, and more so, because it satisfies the needs. As afore-noted, Walker Mowers are light, and versatile, offer better visibility of the work, and most importantly, it provides beautiful cuts (Nier & Reichen, 2017). When it comes to evaluating the cost, many factors should be put into consideration, including product cost, shipping cost, cost of risk, time, and effort. Also, the channel that you will use to ship the product is yet another factor to consider. In overall, having shipped many T-model Walkers, I can attest that they offer a good value that supersedes the total cost.


In terms of expectation, I can comfortably attest that Walker Mowers have exceeded my expectations. They are fast, easy to use and provide exceptional grass cuts. Therefore, I am fully satisfied with the services offered by the machines. In the future, I purpose to continue using the Walkers. Thus, I have put a long-term commitment as well as my loyalty in this model.

Section 2

The Lawnmowers is social accountable to itself, the stakeholders, and the public. For instance, it has a sustainable lawn care provider program, which is a voluntary program. The core objective of the program is to minimize the utilization of non-renewable energy sources, create a healthy and productive environment, minimize waste, and inform the public about the importance of sustainably managed landscapes (Nier & Reichen, 2017). Indeed, this the program is philanthropical and can be viewed as part of the organization's corporate social responsibility.

Economically, the brand contributes significantly to the profits of the company. Moreover, it offers many people job opportunities, starting from the production department to the sales unit. Through their CSR activity, they improve society in myriads of ways (Nier & Reichen, 2017). Their way of production is ethical since it does not pollute the environment.

According to social trends, people are increasingly becoming cost-conscious (Nier & Reichen, 2017). However, they are not sacrificing the quality and benefits of Walker to attain this goal. Indeed, it is more economical to save for a long-time and purchase a quality product than the vice versa. At the industry level, it is expected that price competition will continue. Notable also, most of the people that purchase this product are aged between adults aged over 30 years. Most of them have families (Nier & Reichen, 2017). Finally, it is predicted that in the future, the robotic Walker Mowers replace the fuel-driven ones.

Section 3

Walker Mower is a brand of lawnmowers that provides high-quality equipment for mowing lawns, gardens, yards, golf courses, and other commercial properties. Walker Mowers appeal to a broader niche target group (gardening customers who are meticulous land caretakers). In recent years, the market has experienced intense growth, primarily due to the growth of in the construction industry.

Walker Mower has a proven history, of always adopting a customer-centric approach. I can describe it as the Roll-Royce of lawnmowers. It is different from its competitors since it is light, fast, versatile, and has interchangeable decks. Besides, Walker makes beautiful cuts that will always attract visitors to your premises. Thus, it is the best choice for both domestic and commercial applications.


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