Essay Sample on Social Issues in Database System

Published: 2023-05-23
Essay Sample on Social Issues in Database System
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Social issues are problems that influence people in society. Computers and the internet have been some of the great achievements of the modern world. They have revolutionized human life in terms of entertainment, education, science, and information. They have offered easy and immediate access to information and communication. The continuous development of new technologies has enabled people mainly those using the internet to shop for their goods online, communicate, and used them for educational purposes, and for carrying out financial transactions. However, the increased development and growth of computers and the internet have resulted in social effects whereby some of internet users have abused it. Social issues such as internet addiction, cyberbullying, cyber suicide, social isolation, internet pornography, online grooming, online scams, racism, and electronic gambling have occurred as a result of the growth and development of computers and the internet. This paper aims at outlining the social issues in the data system as a result of the development and growth of computers and the internet.

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There has been an upsurge use of the internet by humans over the last two decades. With internet development, many users of the internet can communicate freely and comfortably at any location globally (Sharma et al.,40). Unfortunately, this rapid and continuous development of technological networking has resulted in detrimental effects on the life of people. It has led to the introduction of many social issues in database systems. It has become a priority for each organization globally to look into new ways of dealing with the rising economic, and social issues in the data systems in computer science. It is then necessary to look into these issues by analyzing them and recommending appropriate and suitable measures to promote adequate social security to all internet users.

Social Issues

Cyberbullying has been one of the significant social issues in a database system. This is whereby internet users have used aggressive behaviors towards other people while using the internet. These behaviors have made some of internet users, mainly young people, to feel frightened, lonely, unhappy, and insecure.

It makes them lose their confidence in their life and may lead to them leaving schools and isolating themselves from their fellow friends because they will always think that there is something wrong with them (Kumar et al., 238). Intense cyberbullying has resulted in some of dangerous consequences, such as suicide intentions. Harassment of children and adolescents on the internet has not only been as a result of aggression but through other various intimidations which have left the victims highly exposed.

Online grooming is also another essential issue to look at when dealing with the internet. This where the internet is used by a person to force or pressure and to trick people into engaging in sexuality. This has been linked with the sending of naked images or videos. An individual uses online grooming with a soul aim of building trust from their partners or strangers before they could communicate about sexual matters. Online grooming has led to many sexual victimizations of youths, abuse as a result of pornography, and physical assaults or violence of these online users. Moreover, it is highlighted as a form of psychological treatment that is aimed at seducing young users in to disclosing sexual information about them and grooming them in a sexual approach.

Internet addiction has been on the rise, mainly among youths and children. It has become one of the significant social issues that have significantly impacted teens and children. It has resulted in high dependency because people cannot live without the internet in modern times. People using the internet have continuously been on the rise every day, resulting in the scientific community doing some major reviews (Skarupova et al., 71).

Internet addiction has not been seen as a clinical entity. However, it has been recognized as a condition that has led to a significant reduction in the professional performances and social interactions of individuals. Among the youths and children, their academic achievements have drastically been impacted because they use more of their time using the internet for non-essential purposes instead of using them for educational purposes. Mental health among internet users has also been attributed to internet addiction.

Cyber suicide has been the other social issue in a database system-this whereby one has attempted to commit suicide due to the influence of the internet. Suicides committed by individuals as a result of internet influence has been on the rise.

The use of the internet, mainly the websites that have contents of suicides, has let to people committing suicides, increasing the cases of cyber suicides. People with different thoughts meet on the internet through their online communications and influence themselves to commit suicide due to the circumstances affecting them. Apart from people being influenced by the internet to commit suicide, they can also commit suicide while connected to the internet by recording themselves and sharing. This causes mental and social disturbances to the people who might be using the internet at that period.

Online scams have also been one of the significant social issues in the database system. Daily, millions of people arrange their business and economic activities through the internet where they do electronic transactions. Easy accessibility of internet transactions has resulted in some of the engage in online scamming.

Phishing is one of the most common scams on the internet, where the combination of passcodes and fishing does it. This technique is used for business deception, whereby one's data mainly information's on money transactions are revealed. Online users who are not aware of the scamming procedure might give out their details on their financial transactions to fake forms on the internet. Information given out to the phony internet users is used for gaining access to information on personal data. This will result in one losing their financial transactions being done online through the internet.

Electronic gambling is one of the social issues affecting the internet community globally; it is an activity by which more than two people exchange bets online. These activities are linked with the effects of financial gain or loss risks. One of the significant issues related to this activity is the loss of money during gambling (Blinn-Pike 27). The risk of financial loss can make an individual lose his property, home, and even one's savings. One thing about this activity is that it is very addictive.

Thus, individuals who engage in electronic gambling have a psychological thought that in the next round, they can win and get back their money. The addiction to electronic gambling by internet users across the globe has, in turn, resulted in time-wasting and responsiveness when it comes to performing existing obligations. It also reduces investments of money in profitable business activities.

Hacktivism is another social issue, which is the act by which a network or a computer system is initially abused by using it for a politically or socially motivated objective. Hacktivists are individuals who are typically engaged in this online activity.

Hacktivism is an issue of great social concern as a result of a violation of information and databases in computers. It aimed at creating public attention on items that are delicate and very confidential to either a given group of people or the general citizens and exposing denial or opposing some things by using images or display messages on the organization's website that is believed to be running something illegal. This activity is considered generally as civil and unlawful disobedience by hacktivists.

Lastly, social isolation is also another essential issue to focus on when it comes to the internet, and this is because many internet users have been reported to be isolated as a result of poor communication skills as a result of racial discrimination online and poor self-esteem. This is linked to many problems, such as difficulties in making a presentation and working as a group.

Ethical Concerns on the Internet

Internet ethics is significant and essential in the fight against social issues in database systems; it is crucial to analyze the critical part that the Internet plays in the establishment of a good life for every individual user and society (Capurro 25).

Among these ethics, when it comes to teenage engagement are; age verification, the vulnerability of children, and parental consent which is very crucial. Other related to online participation in research include informed consent, disparities in internet access, confidentiality, and privacy. There are many guidelines for internet users, some of which are offered by academic articles.


The following solutions have been suggested to solve the social issues in database systems discussed above are; it very important to look into the security of a database system to avoid improper access by other parties. To discourage teenage access to internet databases, then parents are encouraged to monitor their children effectively by ensuring that children do not access these databases without their consent and permission. Another essential recommendation to help fight cybercrimes is to set up measures or laws against committing these crimes.

Internet users used to be briefed about their rights to privacy and confidentiality without being forced or tricked to engaging is unlawful practices or sexuality against their will. Internet providers should be encouraged to establish systems that can be able to detect any unusual activities in websites such as hacktivism.


In conclusion, one would argue that computers and the internet have brought a significant impact on human beings by contributing to their prosperity and progress. It has facilitated accessible communication among people from different parts of the world and facilitated quick information access. However, the internet has been quickly made available and provided in abundance. This has resulted in many of the users, mainly the youth, abusing it making it dangerous for other users and the community. The abuse of the internet by users has resulted in the emergence of social issues that have affected the morals and ethics of society.

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