Essay Sample on Solutions to the Potential Vulnerabilities in Different Network Systems

Published: 2023-02-08
Essay Sample on Solutions to the Potential Vulnerabilities in Different Network Systems
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The current increase in the use of the internet often leads to an increase in the potential vulnerabilities in different network systems. In most cases, there are several breaches that can occur from within a network. Some of the gadgets that may cause vulnerabilities in a given network include USB disk drives, unencrypted netbooks and laptops, unrestricted employee access, unsecured wireless access points and misused emails (The Center for Internet Security, 2018). On the other hand, smartphones and untrustworthy humans are some of the factors that can increase vulnerabilities in computer networks. The network vulnerability may cause insecurity of data, a situation that may lead to the loss of sensitive information. In most cases, it is necessary for the network administrator to ensure tight security to the computer networks by providing a solution to the possible vulnerabilities that may exist in a given network. Many times, when a computer is connected to the unsecured network, the security of the software may be compromised with lack of specific protocols in place. Computer product weaknesses, forgetting updates, as well as the unresolved developer issues may leave the clients wide open to the network security vulnerabilities.

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One of the physical vulnerability identified in phase 2 is the physical vulnerability. Physical vulnerabilities are often identified in the hardware system. The physical vulnerability refers to the weakness that can be exploited by the hacker or the threat actor. The attacker may thus perform unauthorized activities within the computer system (The Center for Internet Security, 2018). For one to exploit the physical vulnerability, the attacker needs to possess at least one applicable technique or tool that can connect to the system weakness. The tool can be applied or connected to the attacker surface and thereafter, used to access the entire network system. The solution to physical vulnerability lies in network management. First there is the need to have the network closets locked at all times so that there is a proper control on whoever has access to them. The above control measure seems simple; however, the best solution depends on the establishment of the scalable access control system that can enhance monitoring of access procedures as well as the safety issues (The Center for Internet Security, 2018). Establishing an IP video surveillance is another solution to the physical vulnerability, this will ensure monitoring of all persons that may insert the attack tools in the computer networks, a situation that may increase physical vulnerability.

Apart from the physical vulnerability, there is the technical vulnerability which may be caused by limited programming techniques. In most cases, there is software that may cause technical itches or in other words technical vulnerability enabling unauthorized people to gain access to the system. The technical vulnerability may make it easier for viruses to interfere with different programs within the computer networks (The Center for Internet Security, 2018). Therefore, there is a need to find a solution that can solve the problems that lead to technical vulnerabilities. Solution to technical vulnerability depends on the firewall system between the computer networks and the ISP internet circuit; this may ensure that intruders stay out of the network and in addition, ensure that there is the filtering of what people get accessed to. To reduce technical vulnerability, there is the need to impose port security system to ensure that not every person is capable of plugging into the available ports, a situation that can enable them have full access not only to the database but also to the entire network system. Finally, to reduce the technical vulnerabilities, there is the need to incorporate the security software known as Sophos in any computer with the windows as the main operating system, in addition, there is the need to determine what is allowed and those which are not allowed in the computer networks or a network system.

In every network, there is always the administrative vulnerabilities that may expose the system to the attackers. The administrative vulnerabilities may include the passwords policies that only allow the authorized people to gain access to the computer network. With the strong policies on passwords, the network administrator can keep away the attackers who may attempt to gain access to the system for the purposes of stealing or disrupting essential information that may be deemed necessary by the system. The solution to the administrative vulnerabilities lies in the decision of the networks administrators to establish elaborate login details that may only ensure that authorized people are allowed to access the network. Another solution to the administrative vulnerability is the implementation of the installation of GPO to every computer or machine in the network. The above scenario will ensure that the computer locks after a given period when not being used. The GPO security measure can ensure that attackers or unauthorized persons are locked out of the network systems for the security of data information. Through the implementation of the GPO, the administrative vulnerability will be greatly reduced as specific people, the authorized individuals will be allowed to access machines in the computer networks. Security of the network should always be the first priority for every system administrator, as this will ensure that the information and data are safe and secure.


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