Free Essay Sample on Hydrogen Cyanide Handling and Safety Measures

Published: 2022-10-14
Free Essay Sample on Hydrogen Cyanide Handling and Safety Measures
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Hydrogen cyanide is a volatile laboratory chemical that when exposed might lead to the collapse of an individual thus leading to death. This chemical is also sensitive to heat and moisture as well as light which may make it to completely and rapidly turn into vapour which is released into the air and may cause burning. Hydrogen cyanide has very poor warning properties. For instance, more than half of the world's population may not be able to smell the characteristic odour of the chemical because it has a variety of the minimum threshold of odour such as the smell of bitter almonds. Those who use hydrogen cyanide to perform reactions that may lead to the manufacture of byproducts of the chemical should take amyl nitrite capsules before beginning to work.

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The early symptoms of hydrogen cyanide infection involve becoming confused, the feeling of being weak or dizzy, headache, anxiety, nausea and vomiting as well as palpitations in severe cases. When the chemical gets into contact with the skin, it will cause the surface to turn pink or bright red. However the chemical does not irritate but can get absorbed by the body through unbroken. in case the chemical get into contact with your skin, it is advisable to run some water on to the contaminated area for about 20 minutes after which you are supposed to remove and discard the contaminated clothing. If a person inhales the chemical, he should be provided with an antidote as indicated above. This procedure can be repeated in case the chemical get into contact with the eye. If the chemical has been ingested, it is inadvisable to give an oral prescription to the victim who is rapidly becoming unconscious or rapidly convulsing. Besides vomiting should not be induced; instead the victims should be provided with a lot of drinking water. In the event that vomiting naturally occurs, the victim should rinse his mouth and repeat this procedure.

An individual should never handle hydrogen cyanide on his own. You must have someone by your side that is equipped and trained to provide help in the event of handling this chemical. In case the chemical gets released into the atmosphere it is advisable to leave that premise immediately until the severity the severity of the chemical gets determined. Additionally, emergency equipment should be provided immediately. When working with hydrogen cyanide, one should use the liquid form of chemical which should only be handled in a fume chamber. You should also wear goggles and impermeable gloves to prevent splashing the chemical on your skin or into your eyes. The gloves should be made of butyl rubber, Teflon or shiver shield and not polyethene or polyvinyl chloride.

Hydrogen cyanide in liquid form is highly flammable and should be kept away from sources of ignition such as welding, flammable objects or services that are hot. This is because the chemical contains phosphoric acid which stabilises decomposition over a period. Some samples of the chemical which may be old can explode as a result of not maintaining the stabilising acid at a concentration which is sufficient. Therefore you should not try to open any hydrogen cyanide container if you have no idea of its age. Additionally, the hydrogen cyanide cylinder should be closed, and all the valves checked adequately before and after withdrawing the chemical. Besides, the chemical should not be trapped in between two valves.

Hydrogen cyanide containers which are empty may contain traces of the chemical which may be hazardous. Therefore such containers should be stored in a cool and dry area which is well ventilated and away from direct sunlight. Hydrogen cyanide should also be stored away from sources of heat are incompatible materials such as water or water-based products. Nonetheless, empty hydrogen cyanide containers should be taken back to the distributors of compressed gas, and the compounds of the chemical should be disposed of as wastes which are hazardous.


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