Free Essay Example - Presidential Discussion

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay Example - Presidential Discussion
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The office of the president of the United States is one in which there exists an open door for a solitary individual to give authority and impact in shaping the course of the nation and advancing real arrangement activities, both locally and universally. The paradox encompassing this ground-breaking office is that a president can likewise be restricted in their impact and bomb in their endeavors to shape strategy. Various components like public support and Congress add to an individual president's victories and disappointments and can either improve or constrain the potential quality of the president.

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Public Support

The president is in one of a kind position as the chief broadly chosen lawmaker and one with an enormous capacity to connect with the general population for help when required. Congress recognizes the authenticity of this case by paying attention to the president's arrangement needs, yet it doesn't ensure the section of any enactment. President Bush announced Social Security Reform as a top need after his re-appointment in 2004 asserting his triumph gave him "political, legislative hall." The president's position is reinforced by the dimension of mainstream support for himself and his recommendations, yet it might take extra work to be useful in passing enactment.


The president's position of authority stretches out to their specific ideological group. As gathering pioneer of one of the two principle ideological groups, the president applies impact over the gathering's administrative motivation and states effect in the Congress' tasks by choosing the national party seat and filling in as the gathering's head finance raiser. These forces are reliant on the president's prominence and may change as conditions change. A key determinant in the intensity of Congress authority is the quality of that Congress in the governing body. It is legitimate to expect that a president will profit most when their gathering is in the more substantial part in the two places of Congress.

Legislative Skills

The capacity to get enactment passed can be altogether affected by the president's very own abilities in haggling and consulting with key individuals from Congress. President Johnson was known to have a genuinely forceful style because of his constancy despite restriction to significant enactment, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the making of Medicare in 1965, overcame diminishing public support (Faragher, Mari, Daniel and Susan 39). Realizing when and how to utilize the veto control, alongside other arranging aptitudes, can prompt more noteworthy achievement in passing enactment and halting troublesome enactment when they influence individuals from Congress and the open that their political motivation is the right one.


The presidential powers are affected by many factors that influence the president's operation. Individuals frequently have ridiculous desires for recently chosen presidents and don't comprehend a good idea of presidential power. The damage to the popularity based procedure is that the general population's criticism and absence of political viability result in the grouping of intensity into even fewer hands. A superior comprehension of the sources and points of confinement of presidential power will enable one to take an interest all the more adequately in the policymaking procedure.

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