Free Paper Sample: Social Astuteness

Published: 2023-10-09
Free Paper Sample: Social Astuteness
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These refer to the ability to read and expect situations. It allows you to prepare, adapt, and modify your behavior grounded on the people and conditions around you. One way to advance your powers of observation is by paying attention to the non-verbal responses of the people around you. Instead of jumping straight into an argument, one can try to observe how the other individual feels. These will allow you to understand others.

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Employees who possess these skills build friendships and generate sufficient working conditions. They achieve this by gathering information, negotiating, and managing conflicts. They also understand when to ask for support and favors. Networking is all about linking with the right people, thus achieving greater insight and a more significant opinion. When one has purposeful networks, it becomes easier to get better opportunities, say new positions that just opened up, or even about some work-related issue that you may need outside insight.

Recognize different power bases

The issue befits what kind of power an individual has and in what way someone uses that power. Some common types of power found in the workplace include; coercive power, connection power, expert power, legitimate power, information power, referent power, and reward power. Identifying your level of control is very important in an organization. An example is that of expertise power, whereby possessing some skill in a specific field makes you a valuable asset in a company.

Influence others to support their position

These can be achieved by founding trust, building understanding, providing instructions, showing appreciation, and identifying margins. An example is by conducting surveys in departments at work place. These ensure good feedback collection and, on the other hand, will help one realize which areas in the organization require improvements and the ones that do not require any.

Access and effectively use information

There are many ways of accessing information such as; telephone surveys, research literature, talking to the right people, focus groups, and internet surveys. One needs to understand the information sources and choose how to use the information obtained in ways that will not hurt others and in ways that will make sense. The information process should form part of a more inclusive review process within the business to gain the best outcomes. For example, the information will bring to your attention about consumer gratification or discontent, which will, in turn, help the organization to know how to change the way it deals with its consumers.

Recognize what tactics will be most effective in a given situation

When faced with challenges at work, say stressful situations and conflict, one should handle them with grace and should have in mind the concept of not everyone will like you in the idea of interpersonal disputes. These will help avoid unnecessary drama at work.


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