Essay Example: Effects of Diversity in a Work Place

Published: 2022-09-16
Essay Example: Effects of Diversity in a Work Place
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Human culture is basically what shapes our daily behavior and how we interact and relate to other people within our locality. Culture usually revolves around the norms and values we share and is being inherited to the different generation growing in the same environment. Most researchers have always considered the literature as the main central concept in the study of human behavior it covers a wide range in human life and is being transmitted through human social learning in the society.

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In the modern society and with the development of new technology, the human race has developed the new culture like arts and sciences behavior which has brought the cultural sophistication hence this has been used to group people as either primitive or civilized in the society.

In common terminology, culture is usually used to refer distinctly to the typical features used by the ethnic member of a group to distinguish themselves from other people. Some communities even make body mark and modification of clothes and jewelry. Diversity is an extensive range of people that originate from various background and originality. The difference is made of people from different social experiences, tribes, races and even lifestyle. In our society today the diversity can be seen as the compressive and social integration of people's culture and their life experiences.

People from different cultures come together to work in business organization offices, in the non-governmental organization and also as public civil servants. When the employees are being hired for a job in organizations, their cultural diversity is not part of the qualifications of the position. With this system of recruitment people with different cultural diversity find themselves in one workplace. It is therefore how to essential for the management to understand how to handle people from with different cultural diversity, the benefits of having people with different cultures in the same office, and the negativity that comes with the variety in the workplace. The organization should decide on whether to support and how cultural diversity should be supported in workplaces.

In our workplace diversity is crucial for employees because it acts as a pillar of building an excellent reputation for the organization, which gives a better picture over the competitors this, will lead to higher profitability in the long run and also gives the workers good opportunities in other prominent organizations.

Workplace diversity is a significant factor for the organization within its operational zone and outside the organization. When a company demonstrates its ability and commitment to accommodate people from the different cultural background, it will attract right personnel and highly qualified job applicants this will increase the efficiency of the service provider to the clients. Again it will win the trust, and the loyalty of the clients who always prefer doing business with the ethical companies whose business activities are socially responsible and ethical code of conduct is of a high standard.

Diversity helps us to learn about one another in our, but we must have a high level of understanding and appreciating each other so that we can facilitate our cooperation in organizations effectively. With the improvement in technology which makes the world a global market hassled to wide demographics shift of workforce. This has made workplace diversity an important factor to consider, and every company strives to show their full commitment to embrace the diversity of people. Many people come with different cultural practices and talents which put a company at the receiving end due to diverse talents coming together towards achieving the company goals and target.

Companies embrace the cultural diversity in workplace mainly because it supports the major idea that with the uniqueness of every individual in the society, each person can contribute positively to the society by listening and welcoming people with a different opinion from their own. When different contributions of people ideas are summed up as one for one result, it can result in better and high-quality product.

People working in the same office can learn a different language from their workmates, and also acquire social skills like different times of food and mode of dressing of other people. Cultural diversity in the workplace help to increase exposure of the employees as people from different cultural background comes together. Employees of a company learn from other workmates whose talents and style of work are different from theirs. Good attitude towards work is another virtue which employees can learn from others. This can be seen among the traditional generation workers who will learn the modern technology from the employees who are verse with the new technology like the use of the computer in data entries.

Different cultural diversity in the workplace helps in conflict resolution, and it is normal for conflict to occur where people come together mostly in offices and companies. But when the employees appreciate and acknowledge others, they will always realize the need for working together in peace and harmony as they will have a similar goal to achieve. The remarkable ability of conflict resolution in the workplace will help to reduce the potential for the company which would otherwise affect the production and profitability of the company. This will also help to preserve the quality of the employee's relationship in the working environment

Workplace diversity can help to increase and create a market in foreign countries. The current appeal of the world is a global market comes with two different importance of opportunities promotion and employee development. The global market always opens the door for the employees with diverse opinions and with various language skills, and the open mind for the worldwide market. Even though workplace diversity comes with a lot of benefits, there are also negative issues which come along with difference. Some employees have a negative attitude towards other workmates; this can kill the morale of work hence low productivity. Employees who are naturally lazy can try to poison others who tend to work hard


After considering the benefits and the adverse effects of workplace diversity, it comes clear that the benefits of diversity overrule the challenges. It is therefore advisable for the company management to adopt variety in the workplace and consider ways to support cultural diversity within an organization. This can be done by increasing the level of understanding of other people cultural practices

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