Paper Example - Sociological Imagination to Personal Trouble

Published: 2023-01-11
Paper Example - Sociological Imagination to Personal Trouble
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The societal pressure is the expectations that affect the entire community or specific groups of individuals (Garbarino, 56). It is worth acknowledging the absolute fact that, the expectations, norms, and taboos of the society has posed a tremendous influence on the mental, psychological as well as the general operation of the affected group in the society. Upon deciding to join the community college contrary to the family and the expectations of the society, it is demonstrated that the pressure generated from the society affects human behavior. Naturally; the forces present in the society determine the personality as well as the behavioral attributes of various individuals in the society. It is imperative to note that, members of the society are forced to conform to the societal demands due to the forces naturally available in the social space. Significantly, this paper intends to explore the imaginative aspects of society and how they affect human behavior in society

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To begin with, failure to meet the minimum requirement for entry into the university pushed me to join a local community college contrary to the expectations of both family and the society at large. Equally, the decision which was not well interpreted by my family members subjected me into a conditioned life where I had to conform to the societal demands. I suffered refutation and unfair treatment which later changed by behavior and the way of life

On the other hand, in today's society, there is unneeded pressure to everyone particularly in my generation in attempts to deviate from the societal norms pegged on religion, race, education as well as the relationship within the family. In the beginning, my immediate family members undertaking their fourth year at the university hurled insults against me because I failed to meet the prerequisite entry requirements into the university. The magnitude of discrimination I experienced from the family members subjected me into psychological malfunctions alongside a series of depression. Tentatively, I was subjected to a feeling of worthlessness as most of my family members looked down upon me as a failure in life. It is imperative to note that, my immediate society only comfortably accommodate those in the university unlike their counterparts in the community colleges. While trying to make efforts to cope with un-relentless pressure by trying to fit into the societal demands. Based on this account, it is evidenced that the pressure from the society hurled against me subjected me into a strange feeling which in the long run shaped how I perceived the immediate family members with regards to my studies.

Until recently I felt I should follow and conform to the societal demands by allowing the spirit of hopelessness to take control over me. I felt utterly uneasy to basically to show others that, we are the same family members who can be trusted. This strange feeling of selflessness interferes with my concentration and how I relate with my immediate family members since the societal pressure turned against me in the long run. By taking the initiative to join the community college was one of the available opportunities available I intended to explore in a bid to pursue and further my studies. But since society acknowledges such individuals in the university than in the community college, the level of prejudice and discrimination significantly affect the despised group.

Secondly, the peer pressure which is considered the most influential form of the societal pressure immensely affected my personality as well as the general behavior. The stereotype and the level of favoritism I encountered from society, was the most significant problem which affected my general operation in society. Notably, the sole reason why I had to struggle such a horrific treatment is due to my failure to conform to the needs as well as the expectations from society. Even though society inflicts absolute pressure on its members by designing a specific way of operation, the repercussion is the last change of attitude which negatively influences my academic standards. Also, the negative social pressure greatly influenced my mood and behavior which further complicated my life as a teenager.

Also being isolated, as a result of blasphemy logged against me mainly from society profoundly influences my social competence and skills. Notably, the society as a larger group in the society dictates the general behavioral attributes portrayed by various individuals in a given setting. On the same account, there is a simple connection between the pressures from the enormous scope in society to the behavior depicted by individuals in society. Tentatively, the external force which took absolute control particularly on my relationship relations bred the selfish behavior along with the temper tantrums which in the long run affected my peaceful stay within the society. Significantly, the society ardently isolates it individuals on failure to conform to the demands, and general expectation lay down. As the rule of behavior change tightens my expectations with regards to the social competence dropped significantly as well as my self-esteem. Currently, the external pressure tends to compliment my strange feelings in an attempt to cope with the new desires and interest that strongly determines my feelings.

The Role of the Larger Social Forces in Shaping My Behavior

The broader social forces are considered a consensus on the number of members of society to bring out a social change or action (Bock et al. 88). It is imperative to note that, the larger social forces naturally drive the societal motives used in the basis of defining the community. Significantly, it a bid to define my behavioral attributes; it is worth acknowledging the absolute fact that, the social setting greatly influences my behavior outcome. Education and ethnic customs as more substantial social factor immensely contributed to shaping my innate behavior which in the long run changed my perception on the society. On the same account, the social forces which are considered remote and impersonal are a creation of the fourth year students who perceive the community colleges as inferior. I felt a renewed personality upon experiencing the larger social forces thereby giving in to the demands of the society. The human-created inventions which constitute the most influential social force precipitated the negative feeling I developed towards the family members. After experiencing a long period of discrimination and mistreatment from the immediate family members, I experience a change of behavior (Bock et al. 88).

How Society Isolates Individuals

Isolation is a common phenomenon in the society which is inflicted by external social forces culminating from the immediate environment (Pruitt et.al1210). The socio-cultural space contains certain stimuli which determine the behavioral attributes of individuals in the society. My personal experience of the magnitude of discrimination and prejudice immensely altered my behavior subjecting me into isolation. Interestingly, by joining the community college contrary to the expectation of the family members submitted me into temporary separation which generally affected my behavior. The warm relationship I initially enjoyed with my members deteriorated due to the massive influence of the external forces. Significantly, these socio-cultural forces forced me to adopt negative feeling following a series of mistreatment from the immediate family members. Notably, opting shift studies from the university into the community college propagated repulsive attitude since society view those attending the community colleges as failures. Based on this account, it is demonstrated that my perception and thought about education changed negatively. Also, the rejection which is considered as a significant external force affected how I behave and live. It is therefore factual to allude to the school of thought that, the forces naturally available in the society determines how individuals behave in response to the external stimuli such as socio-economic, religion, race as well as the global concerns in the quality of education (Pruitt et.al1210).

In summation, I tend to concur to the fact that, social forces are naturally available in society and do affect how the individuals live and behave. Notably, individual decisions can either grant a positive or negative reception from the organization. By deciding to join a community college which was contrary to expectations of the family members resulted in the ultimate change of my behavior. Tentatively, the cultural and social forces which were logged against me from the immediate society changed my practice and my way of living altogether. It is true that the cultural and social forces in the society tend to provide the basis upon which the individuals are isolated in culture. I dearly, the heritage and the pride of the society is transmitted through the social forces attached to education, religion and determines the way in individuals live and behave.

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