Essay Example: Project Management - Team Building

Published: 2023-02-03
Essay Example: Project Management - Team Building
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Green Books project teams are facing various challenges among them is the lack of integration. According to Shirley (2011, p. 194) "integration and the individuals responsible for operations execute on that checklist." To this end, Green Books has not effectively coordinated its staff members to work in unison. Another notable challenge to team effort pertains to internal conflict among different categories of employees. To this end, permanent employees disagree with temporary and trainee employees on the execution of various duties resulting in a drag to the works in progress. Consequently, serving to negate the gains or progress of the organization.

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According to Shirley (2011) skills that team members ought to have in the development of team effort encompass decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, persuasion skills, feedback skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. These skills prove important for team members to be effective in a project since they enhance coordination and collaboration among team members making it possible for them to act as a team adequately towards common objectives. To this end, such skills can maintain cohesion during the process of executing project goals and ensure that every individual's contributions ultimately lead to the desired outcomes.

It is important for individual team members to understand the goals and scope of the project, first, so that they can make individual goals that are in line with the whole project's objectives. Secondly, team members who are informed are in a position to give their best efforts towards the achievement of the said objectives. Moreover, team members who understand the goals and scope of the project can seek help where needed and identify weaknesses and challenges that may hinder the attainment of the set objectives. To this end, it is imperative to enhance team members' understanding of the goals and scope of the project.

Two main categories prove to be of importance when developing a charter that are namely communication and participation. To this end, I expect all team members to communicate during the process or duration of the entire project. Communication proves key to the identification of challenges and mitigation through the development of solutions to such problems. Secondly, participation is necessary for all individual team members in the sense that it allows such persons to contribute to the success of the team. To this end, all members of the team must be active members whose participation is hinged on the excellence of the team in attaining its objectives.

Team member participation guidelines in a project require that simple guidelines should be followed in terms of roles and responsibilities. To this end, each team members should be assigned a role and a duty that he or she must accomplish. In regards to team members' conduct, the acceptable form of behavior should be focussed on coordination and collaboration with other team members. As pertains to the communication process, an open door policy should encourage all team members to share their views regarding various issues without fear of being reprimanded. Finally, holding regular meetings should be done liberally where all matters arising are aired out and solved collectively as team members.

A kick-off meeting allows team members to get acquainted, allows management to establish authority and leadership, and enables members to understand project objectives and members also understand project risks and constraints. On the other hand, a team charter is advantageous in the sense that it sets the direction for the team, identifies roles and responsibilities, allocates resources, develops a plan for the achievement of the project and establishes a basis for support and commitment to the project's aims and objectives.


Shirley, D. (2011). Project Management for Healthcare. Taylor and Francies Group, LLC.: New York.

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