Free Essay Example: Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

Published: 2022-04-12
Free Essay Example: Sexual Discrimination and Harassment
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Discrimination: Unfair treatment of diverse groups of people based on their races, religion or sex.

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Sexual harassment: Involves bullying of people of sexual nature, or unwelcomed assurance of reward for sexual favors.

Hostile Environment: This is a condition that exists in the workplace where one's behavior creates an environment that is uncomfortable for others around them or within an organization.

Grievance system: A structure put in place by the management to present and settle workplace disputes. The system outlines the nature of dispute it covers and the stages through dispute resolution.

Litigation: An expression used to examine proceedings between two opposing people to defend a legal right.

Job performance: This involves an assessment of whether an employee can perform a job well.

Muddiest point

The muddiest point is that sex discrimination laws view sex and gender as two different characteristics of human identity. The jurisprudence makes an assumption that the identification of male and female are distinct from attributes of masculine and feminine. According to this, sex has been regarded as a product of nature whereas gender is recognized as a cultural concept. The disaggregation of sex from gender shows a muddy point of equality jurisprudence. The anti-discrimination law is based on the concept of sexuality, which is conceived as biological variations. In all ways that matter, sex assumes an epiphenomenal association to gender. This means that under close analysis, each claim in relation to sexual identity or discrimination is linked to the normative gender rules and roles. What makes no sense is the avoidance of "grossest discrimination" that is, treating similar things as though they are entirely different.

What would you like to know more about from this lesson, and why?

There are some admissions linked to sex discrimination that cannot get an employer off the hook for employee's harassment of a colleague. With this in mind, questions that arise point to how employers can address various issues of sexual violence in the working environment ("Facts about Sexual Harassment", 2018). I would like to understand if sexual harassment is a form of discrimination, how to investigate a sex discrimination case promptly and how to be vigilant as a worker. I would like to understand the relationship between sexual harassment and discrimination since the definitions both include sexual comments, offensive remarks in relation to a colleague's sex, and verbal harassment of physical nature. At the same time, I would like to understand to what degree is harassment perceived as hostile or offensive in the working environment. Learning how to investigate a sexual harassment issue in the organization would help understand the major issues that lead to sexual harassment and put in place measures that can help minimize or reduce such instances. Understanding how to be vigilant will help maintain professionalism and always keep off unwelcome and inappropriate sex-based comments or behaviors that are unlawful and bad for the business growth and development. There is also a gap in how to create and foster a harassment-free environment and enable workers to shun away from sexual harassment cases.

How does this lesson relate to something you have already learned outside of this class?

This lesson relates to the fact that women are more vulnerable to sexual harassment as compared to men. Subsequently, a significant number of women engaged in sexual violence do not report due to the cultural context they are living in. There exist some aspects of tolerance of sexual discrimination and harassment that makes female workers' journey through the public realm a little bit hazardous. There is shame in talking about these issues, and this makes female not to report these cases for a proper litigation process thereafter ("Sexual Harassment in the Workplace", 2015). I have realized that recognizing the shame, understanding the concept of entry to the public world is fundamental for a sustainable solution towards sexual harassment. The lesson also related to the psychological effect that is related to sexual discrimination in the organization. The victim's self-esteem is always affected when these cases are discussed and charges made to the offenders. They experience distress and anxiety, and this hinders their job performance.

Why do you think you were required to learn this content?

An understanding of educational content is key to an effective learning process. Learning is a progressive process, and changes are done through the process to which employers need to adapt to and manage an organization effectively. The foundation upon which changes are made in an organization comes largely from the management's ability and experiences. Content knowledge was the most fundamental thing towards the creation of this lesson. Content cannot be created without an understanding and analysis of the key concepts. The relationship between knowledge and acquisition, therefore, makes sense. Teachers need to understand that content knowledge and proficiency can determine the fundamental concepts passed down to learners and the mastery of the content to integrate them into effective instructions. This means that knowledge was a requirement towards the learning process and a better understanding of the content in context. Subsequently, students needed to have access to books, news articles and articles for a better understanding of the concept of sexual harassment and how it can be managed in the organization.


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