Sexist advertising. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-18
Sexist advertising. Free Essay Example
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From the perspective of gender, most research findings have realized clear distinctions between the genders as far as sexist advertising is concerned. Generally, how both men and women portray sexism in indistinguishable situations and events has been recognized, leading to some fascinating theoretical growth (Stemple & Tyler, 2014). Some research findings have discovered that the female gender overall responds to advertising more attractively than their male counterparts. Nevertheless, some research has also found that women dislike female-related sexual appeals, like nudity and sexiness, more generally than men (Artz et al., 1999). Moreover, women's attitudes towards a given advertising brand have been realized to alter negatively more so if it has sexual content in the advertising. Another study reports that women most often used sex appeal for advert purposes than men (Goldman, 1992). Usually, whenever sexual themes are applied, women are more important to the female gender models, which significantly show on sexual violence and specific nudity. In contrast, men feel more positive as well as energized from those types of adverts (Rossi & Rossi, 2015). It is discovered that ads frequently are more favored when an individual of the opposite gender is conveyed instead of an individual of the same gender.

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In conclusion, consumer perspective and attitudes are, in general, harmful towards the organization through the use of commodity feminism or sexist feminism. The negative originates from how the women are depicted in the advertisement, as most of them are regarded as aggressive to women. Therefore, the advertising organization should adopt the most effective ways of advertising their brands without necessarily offending the female gender. Generally, Sexist ads portray women as weaker gender; thus, the advertising agencies should adopt more strategies that respect women and the opposite gender in the society, as claimed by Robert Goldman in his literary work, “Reading Ads Socially.”


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