Essay Example about Caribbean Music in a New Mode

Published: 2022-02-24
Essay Example about Caribbean Music in a New Mode
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Caribbean music old and new is good music from the beaches of Jamaica to the shores of Brazil the whole South America region has incredible music. Having said that the explanation given to Caribbean music in the new model is the original religious rituals from Africa remains the core rhythm of this kind of music, and also at the same time, it absorbs different Caribbean cultures to become the music in a new mode. One of the major influences of this Caribbean music in a modern style is the colonial system that was there during the past colonial days, now during the olden days Europeans colonized the entire Caribbean nations and for the longest time, a considerable change was witnessed in the Caribbean music. Therefore, it means that most European countries had spread their cultures in their colonies in the Caribbean region. The sole reason of the paper is to write about the Caribbean music in a new mode and to put on emphasis on the topic to justify the left from the traditional display of music and culture of the Caribbean.

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Learning about Caribbean music we have to talk about slavery that was rampant in the 19th century and it also had a significant effect on the change, this is by the primitive black Africans brought their original and grassroots tune to the region of the Caribbean. The most common practices that came with the Africans was the beating of the drum and dancing skills, which meant that when these black slaves from Africa came to the shores of the Caribbean the native music tune would mix with that of the Africans. This Caribbean music in a new mode is a mixture of several cultures including; Indian music, African music and European music, it is the fusion of gorgeous, rich in color, a distinctive and unique melody and beautiful rhythm.

One of the widely known features of this kind of music in a new format is that African music is suitable for dancing and the Caribbean music is one of the most known music tunes all over the globe by fans of music. Another critical characteristic is that the tone of the Caribbean music keeps on changing because of factors like religion and culture that moves every once in a while, and research has shown this type of music can express a lot of information while playing the music. Reggae music one of the most popular types of Caribbean music originated from the island of Jamaica in the late 1960s, and one of the primary sources is the New Orleans R&B genre.

Initially, it was formed because people could not play fast-paced music and in the sun with high temperatures because most of the time, it was played outdoors. Now by slowing down the fast-paced rhythm of this music, they formed the now known genre of Reggae music. Reggae can be said to be a combination of traditional African rhythm (the playing of drums), American known rhythm (old R&B), blues and the native folk song in the Island of Jamaica. The lyrics of reggae music usually consist of traditions on the religious culture of the black people of the country, and it also emphasizes the political, social and humanistic nature of the people and the region. Finally, Caribbean music has kept improving despite the difficulties witnessed in the area and also the music and the rhythm have held the native religious beliefs and rituals.

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