Free Essay Discussing Sexism in the Workplace

Published: 2017-08-23
Free Essay Discussing Sexism in the Workplace
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One of the realities that we ought to live with is the fact that statistics show that women make up half of the working population. One of the other reality is linked to the fact that men have been considered to be the dominating sex at the place of work. To a larger extent, this is among the roots of sexism in the workplace. Sexism can take numerous forms, even though some try to sugar coat the whole idea. It is not unheard-of to come across people who discriminate on the basis of sex. Some workers are always so oblivious of the whole situation, to the extent where they wait for it to be labeled as sexual harassment. One of the big questions is whether we can forge a working environment where all sexes are viewed as equals.

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The whole concept of sexism has been a subject of considerable debate even though some deny its existence. It is wrong to say it does not exist without knowing its boundaries. In this case, sexism is considered to be any action that would prejudice, or even stereotype someone, based on their sex. Women have been known to be the most affected, where some roles are restricted to the male gender. Today, even though many companies have come up with campaigns to eliminate the vice, sexism can be seen in numerous forms. One of the most common is based on salary. Men have been noted to be paid more than women that they are in the same position. In this case, one is left to wonder; the criteria used when it comes to compiling the requirements for pay. Sexism can also take the form of sexual harassment. It is common to come across men or women who use their sexuality to intimidate other workers or even their juniors. Men can sexually harass women based on their dress codes or even their feminine nature. On the other hand, some women have been known to go an extra mile to find favor by displaying unwanted sexual advances. Sexual harassment can be physical or verbal.

Low promotion is a common basis for sexual harassment being that some companies tend to favor promoting one sex over the other, even though they workers can have an equal status of experience. In some cases, workers have been known to see the weaker sex as the best to run office errands. In a male dominated workplace, running errands can be left for the women, and that can be considered to be very sexist. To a larger extent, this can quickly promote the lack of inclusiveness. The dominant sex in the office can opt to ignore the weaker sex.

To gain in-depth knowledge on the subject of sexism in the workplace, secondary sources, as well as questionnaires will be used as sources of information. Before participants are allowed to fill in questionnaires, they will be assured of privacy and anonymity. In the case of secondary sources, only books, periodicals, journals, as well as peer-reviewed articles, which are not more than five years will be used. In the long run, the data and information gained will strictly be used for this research alone. Sexism has managed to be a serious issue in the workplace, and this is among the basis of choosing it as a subject of the investigation. We need to figure out the best strategy to implement while trying to eliminate plan.

Research questions

How comfortable are you at your place of work?

Are there more males or females at your place of work?

Have you ever heard of any incident of sexism?

Have you personally been a victim of sexism?

Did you report the case to the relevant parties?


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