Free Essay Example on Selfies

Published: 2019-06-05
Free Essay Example on Selfies
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A selfie is simply a type of photograph taken by oneself. Selfies are in most cases taken using smartphones, webcams and any other types of cameras with the sole purpose of sharing them on social sites. The world today has taken the concept of selfies to a whole new level and everyone is posting a pic of them in their respective accounts at whatever moment they deem fit. Selfies can be used as a memory of the feelings, experiences and events that happen in the lives of people in the society depending on various occasions (Ament 34).

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The purpose of this essay is to reveal the history, relevance and implications of selfies in the current society. Also, this essay aims to enlighten the readers with the ideal knowledge required in making appropriate decisions concerning selfies.


The significance of selfies stretches far and wide based on the disposal platforms. According to Editor Eileen Pia of The Trend Magazine, research proves that women tend to take more selfies as opposed to men. The selfies are used by women, teens and men to help account for how they spend the days of their lives. When someone concerned tries to view the photo gallery of a celebrity or rather a socialite, he or she hopes that they will get to know them in person (Ellis, 49). The best way to bring out this personality is through capturing moments that the holders of the accounts think are worth the memory.

Above all, selfies have been used by potential entrepreneurs and mogul businessmen to utilize the best of all available resources through promoting their influence in social sites.

Background of selfiesIn a recent survey by NBC Sports which was taken to indicate the number of people taking selfies all over the world within a single hour, it was revealed that a staggering 1450 which was archived by Patrick Peterson. This obsession of selfies has no concrete trace till recently when the record indicate that the number of people taking selfies in one day is far on the rise (Ellis 40). The purpose of this research is to analyze the whole issue of selfies with an aim of pinpointing potential business ideas which may prove helpful to concerned entrepreneurs. Moreover, this research has an objective of bringing the whole world to terms with the fact that selfies are now the in thing and instead of critics making such a fuss, they can help the society finally see the bright side of the coin.

Thesis Statement

The tremendous influence that selfies has impacted in the world today is undeniably positive in both intellectual, financial and social perspectives.


Selfies are the most recent trending items in major social sites, business brands and fashions icons just to mention a few bases. Courtesy of the fact that selfies can be used to create a platform where the world can be able to interact, it will be safe to conclude that the merits of selfies greatly outdo their implications (Haje 50). Ever since the discovery of selfies, its popularity has been fast on the rise more than any other trending story. Selfies has enhanced economy both from a local and international point of view in the sense that owners of social sites greatly benefit by the rate at how fast users upload their personal pics. Socially, selfies have revolutionized the world in such a manner that the society can interact with an individual just by taking a look at their selfies and commenting or liking.

History of selfies

The history of selfies dates back in 1800s. Robert Cornelius was the first American photographer to come up with a picture of himself in 1839. This selfie is also considered the first image of self-portrait. The earliest stages of the modern selfie was recorded a more than a decade ago in Australia. It was during a scientific forum that Karl Kruszelnicki from the ABC Forum came up with the idea of a selfie. The idea of uploading the pics of groups that were self-taken was first discovered in 2001 still in Australia (Stefan 47).

In 2005, Photographer Jim Krause discussed the term selfie to the satisfaction of the public. The terms continued to gain usage and conceptualization till 2010. By this time, teenage boys and girls had already embraced the idea of selfies and gradually its insurgence began flourishing. By 2014, the idea of selfies was on the lips of every sane person beginning with Sochi Winter Olympics which had a selfie for all the events of the Olympics.


The concept of selfies is as simple as the term itself. Selfies aim to reveal the true nature of people. The self-push that one feels whenever they are stricken with the idea of a selfie comes from the concept of self-awareness. The use of selfies to bring out the real nature of an individual should however not be confused with the inappropriate exposure of private parts of the body in the name of taking personal pictures. After an individual takes a selfie, he or she may decide to upload it to a social site to interact with the world (Kenneth 48). This will help the world to know what kind of person he is rather than just posting pics of quotes and unnecessary poems.

Reasons for the societys obsession in selfies

The extent at which the world has popularizes the idea of selfies within a very short while surely raises questions especially if fun is among the major concepts that emerge at the mention of the term. What the world has for selfies is not the mere love or infatuation over a passing fling but instead real obsession. It would be prudent to conclude that the current society has been modelled into going by any type of stereotype mentality.

The society seems to place too much attention to the lives of celebrities and other socialites thus investing too many resources in the process of keeping updated with each and every move that celebrities have to make. People think that what the in thing is the real thing and will therefore engage in any activities without any questioning. This is stereotype mentality.

Relevance of the paper

This is a research paper which aims to enlighten the society based on the topic of selfies. Selfies have been here with us for quite a long time but that does not mean that everyone is well aware of their concept thus the relevance of the introduction and definition of terms. Additionally, the quench for knowledge does not end at that since the readers of this essay shall be glad to learn of both the history and background of selfies.

What is more important is the fact that this paper can be used as a reliable source of information required by online marketers before initiating an e-commerce venture. In summary, this paper has exhausted all possible concepts of selfies that has ever crossed the mind of people in the society.

Relevance of selfies in the world today

Selfies are used by people all over the world as a way of keeping personal memories. The ability to capture moments using pics rather than words is more effective as opposed to keeping notes or just raw memories. Second to note, selfies are also used as a form of future reference (Pettifer 29). When a celebrity or actor like James Franco wakes up on a sad morning and decides to take a selfie at that specific time, it will surly serve as a great reference of memory in future.

Furthermore, selfies are also used to provide a social platform where the world can interact with a specific person and get to know them at a more personal level. Lastly but just as essential as the rest, the idea of selfies has also been capitalized by entrepreneurs and investors of potential business ideas.

Implications of using selfiesWhen overly used, selfies can cause a great threat to a life of an individual. I the United States, the number of stalkers both online and offline has risen in the past due to the fact that the victims give the perpetrators too much personal information without their knowledge. The first disadvantage that comes tagged with the selfie obsession is that the private life of an individual is exposed even to potential kidnappers and stalkers just to mention a few (Sooke 43).

Secondly, selfies are not entirely reliable items to keep as memories given that they are susceptible to altering or rather editing. A user account could be hacked and his selfies used for malicious purposes by the hacker. Lastly, the messages that selfies display could be misinterpreted by the viewers and may end up being misjudged.Selfies in public

Courtesy advocates for the relevance of first seeking permission before finally taking a selfie in public places. This does not seem to be the case as selfies are instead limited in private location such as shopping malls and banks but allowed in the public such as sport stadiums and social events among other places (Weil 42). Form a personal point of view, taking an appropriate selfie in public is not offensive unless meant for malicious motives. Depending on the site that an individual chooses to take their selfies, it is only wise to first of all seek permission so as to avoid unnecessary attention.

The business of selfies (Selfies and social sites)

Ever since selfies gained fame, the owners of social sites have recorded increased consumers as opposed before the introduction of selfies. It is the objective of each and every owner of social sites to utilize available resources to bring out the best of the business and in turn boost the general productivity of the business. These investors decided to promote the significance of photographs and specifically selfies after figuring that the world placed too much attention on selfies (Woodman 38). Social sites are seen full of invitations to join other social sites that compete for the best selfies and lure the competitors with offers and gifts such as electronics among other hampers.


Briefly, selfies are here to stay and the world can as well get accustomed to the new changes in technology. Away from technology, it is now evident that selfies are not just mere pictures that people take to pass time but instead they are a whole new form of interaction that the world has recently discovered. In selfies lie potential business opportunities, great human relations and above all a whole new world.

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