Method of Data Collection - Free Essay in Data Analysis

Published: 2018-06-27
Method of Data Collection - Free Essay in Data Analysis
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Sampling As a Method of Data Collection

Sampling is about selecting a subset of people from a numerical population so as to evaluate features of the whole inhabitants. Sampling method of data collection is used to represent the entire population although the information acquired may be vulnerable to errors since individuals have different opinions concerning a certain matter. Random sampling from different organizations and schools to find out whether they offer or do not offer participation trophies is a good method of collecting data on this study on effects of participation trophies. As such, I used a simple random sampling whereby 20 students both girls and boys were selected and used to give out the information required about participation trophies. I asked whether their school offers or do not offer participation trophies and the information could be used to represent the whole school. The question of how the felt about participation trophies was also included. The size used to sample was a manageable size where I was able to engage them of how they felt about participation trophies. I also included the disabled students in the sample because I wanted to avoid discrimination so that I could get the best answer. The students said that their school gives participation trophies and therefore I wanted to know how they felt about it. Most students were supporting the idea, but some students said that most participants in the games do not participate out of passion, but they do it so as to receive the trophies. For the students who supported giving participation trophies, they said that most students are encouraged to participate in games so as to win and therefore receive the trophies.

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