Free Essay on President Jackson's Conclusions of the Necessity for an Indian Removal Policy

Published: 2022-02-23
Free Essay on President Jackson's Conclusions of the Necessity for an Indian Removal Policy
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I agree with Jackson's remarks and support for the Indian Removal Policy because the policy could have brought benefits to the natives and also could have been for the greater good of the United States of America. According to President Jackson, the removal of the natives who were few from the expansive southern frontier could have a significant impact on the local economy and also promote the civilization of the local natives by introducing western medicine and education. The land occupied by the natives was not utilized and through their removal, new settlers could be able to bring about development and civilization through agriculture. Change is inevitable, and the fact that the natives were not massacred to create room for the white settler farmers indicates that it was good for country economic development and also for the benefit of the natives who would be able to access modern healthcare and sustainable food production instead of relying on hunting.

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President Jackson's Assessment of the Faults of the Bank of the United States and its Supporters

I agree with Jackson's veto vote against the bank of the United States, in his opinion, the president noted that the bank had so much power and was under the control of a few private citizens. I agree with Jackson's argument against the bank of the United States because greater power and monopoly of the bank could have led to the exploitation of the people for the benefit of the few rich people who owned majority shares of the bank with the government only having one-fifth ownership of the bank. In this case, if the law could have passed it could have undermined the government and the regulation of the economy by living it in the hands of a few rich people. The government should have a significant role in the control and running of the economy to ensure that monetary policies are aimed at collective economic growth. If the central bank is left under the control of a few people, it can be manipulated for the benefit of a few.

The persuasiveness of President Jackson's Arguments against South Carolina's Attempts at Nullifying Federal Laws

President Jackson argument against South Carolina attempt to nullify federal law is persuasive in that the nullification of the federal laws could have undermined the power of the federal government. The federal government has a responsibility of ensuring that the all the states are under common law to promote cohesiveness and respect of federal policies. If the nullification of the federal law on rates could have been successful other states who felt that the policies were against the laws could also have nullified them resulting in anarchy. Jackson's argument was towards the best interests of the entire United States, and the nullification of the federal laws could have undermined the interests of the federal government and the people as a whole.

President Trump Modelling Himself after President Jackson

President Trump and President Jackson who was the seventh American president have significant similarities in Trump's approach to national policies taking an individual initiative to protect the interests of the entire nation. In the recent international trade tariffs to correct the trade deficit, President Trump has taken initiative even under domestic and international criticism. President Trump believes that collecting trade deficit can help increase employment opportunities for Americans by strengthening local companies. The most important positive trait of Jackson that Trump is emulating is nationalism by putting the interests of the nation before anything else. Trump is aggressive when the interests of the United States are threatened, but this could pose a significant danger due to the changes over time. Today, the world is interconnected through globalization, and if other countries also take the same stand as that President Trump, it will undermine international trade and cooperation.

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