Summary Essay Sample on IT for Business Research

Published: 2019-05-15
Summary Essay Sample on IT for Business Research
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Globalization has marked the massive growth of business organizations. However, the success of organization is determined by the effective information channeling. Methods of information transfer differ with different organizations. The improvement in technology has enhanced the communication transfer and also the business transactions. This paper will examine the summary of the two articles; The mechanisms of information transfer by Darren T. Roulstone, Jacob R. Thornock, Jared Jennings and Michael S. Drake, and Data Analytics using ontologies of management of theories: Towards implementing From theory to Practice, by Henry N. Kim, Iryna Gel, and Ho-Nam Jackie Cheung. In addition, the paper will also examine the critique of the two articles.

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The Mechanisms of Information Transfer

The article begins with the abstract in which the authors have argued that business organizations apply information- based strategies that are in direct measure of the information channel. According to the authors, information transfer varies with the organizations income level. In addition, the information transfer rate increases with the increase of the organization performance. The authors further argue for one to understand whether the information transfer occurs, he must first understand the basis of how information transfer occur.

The article has also examined the three major channels in which the information transfer occurs. These include; the internet, analyst reports and business press articles. According to the articles, communication within the organization is most done via the internet because it is considered to be the most accepted communication media and source of the information all across the globe.

The article also states that most of the investors normally look for information about the organization during the financial statement announcements. According to the authors, information transfer is crucial to determining the performance of the business. In addition, in most cases the announcement of organizations earning rate highly influences the rate at which investors search for the information about the organization. According to the article, the way peer business organization will react will depend on the initial information transfer.

The article has the following strengths; the article has revealed that information transfer highly influences the future performance of the organization. This is right, because investors will always go for the institution that has good performance record (Moenaert, R, K, & Souder, W, E 1990).

Next, is that the media plays a major role in improving the performance of the business. For example, the internet has promoted most of the organizations because it is the most used means of communication. Whenever one requires any information, they will always use the internet because it is the most convenient and easiest way of locating information without necessarily going there physically.

The article also has shortcomings as follows; the article highly advocates for communication via the internet. The article, only concentrated on the positive effects of using the internet as a channel for information transfer without looking at the negative side. Everything has its negative and positive sides and therefore one should be rational when making claims.

Data Analytic using Ontologies of management theories: Towards implementing From theory to practice

The article begins by introducing the topic of data analysis and how it influences the decision- making process of people. However, the main focus of the article is on the ontology data computation as a type of data analysis method. According to the article, an ontology is an information system used to analyze the philosophical argumentation of people based on how they use grammar and language. The article has shown the different ontological methods of study. For example, the TOVE ontological methodology and YODA @ssb belief- desires- intentions data model. The article demonstrates how theory management can be determined using the ontologies.

The article has the following strengths; it has demonstrated using examples how the two suggested data analysis methods can be used to determine the management theories of an organization. The paper has shortcomings also. The article has demonstrated the data analysis; however, the procedures cannot be understood by someone who has gained the basic knowledge of the topic (Doniger, S, W, Salomonis, N., Dahlquist, K, D., Vranizan, K., Lawlor, S. C., & Conklin, B. R 2003). The paper has not given the primary concepts on the topic hence difficult to understand.

In conclusion, this paper has examined the summary and critique of the two studied articles. Organization performs better if the communication process is effective. This means that the methods used to transfer information should be effective and reliable. The two articles advocates for effective decision-making and what means to make an effective decision.

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