Escaping Freedom - Essay Example about Independence in Marriage

Published: 2022-07-25
Escaping Freedom - Essay Example about Independence in Marriage
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Marriage of one the institutions that entail a lot of compromises to establish a suitable ground for both parties, those concessions usually limit one freedom for self-development. In 2015 asked for a separation from my husband after I felt am suffocating in the relationship. This was after I happened to went for a vacation of two weeks I learnt that during many years in marriage, I had limited freedom in making major decisions that affected my life; before making any move, I was needed to consult my husband to minimize disagreements among us. For instance, one incident that pained my husband is that I once decided to take my daughter to visit my mother upcountry during the holiday period without consulting him. I did it in good faith since; she wanted to spend part of her holiday there, when his father knew she was at my mother's place, he got angry not because it was wrong to take her there but because I never consulted him. From that day, he passed the ruling that made him control of my finances and religious freedom, to make it worse I had to seek is approval on almost everything I did, which made me feel less of an independent person.

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Upon coming back, I pushed for the separation, which I got and currently, I am on my third year of living as an independent and a happy woman. Nevertheless, at times when am stressed up or when my daughter persistently cries to see his father, those are some of the moment I wished we could not have separated. This makes me regret being a single mother because presently I have to pursue both the fatherly and the motherly responsibilities accordingly for the proper upbringing of my daughter. Unlike when I was in the marriage, I had less responsibility to cover, since my husband used to sort all financial bills; from school fees to buying food. ` Because of being single I occasionally, I have work extra harder than married women. Conversely, the author of the video Being Independent in Marriage Can Make One Happy assert that independent people work hard which makes them happy in life.

However, I came to realize I in a better position than the majority of married couples. Majority of the women who are married are depressed due to bitterness and frustrations that come along with failed expectations of their marriage. Similarly, Scherz (2017) urge that one of the reasons that cause failure and lack of happiness in life among married couples is an unhealthy marriage. However, a majority of individuals in married still hold on it as a way of living 'a perfect life' end up suffering and being suffocated.


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