Essay Sample Describing the Puerto Rico Holiday

Published: 2022-02-24
Essay Sample Describing the Puerto Rico Holiday
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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island. People around the place have been described in different character traits and values as well as their cultural practices. The review on Puerto Rico was written to explain the migration conduct as well as the causes. Therefore the paper will discuss how cross-cultural came to be and how, in one way or another, the leadership has been hosted in the area (Morris, 1995). It will also describe and discuss the foods as well as the beliefs of the community that lives in place. Generally, it will touch on the cultural view of the people living in Puerto Rico Island.

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The first occupants of the island were Archaic Indians they practiced pre-farming. The culture on the island is traced to have originated from south of Florida. The Archaic were fishermen and hunters; however, they did not practices cultivation (Morris, 1995). Then through migration, Archaics met with Igneris. The two communities had cross-cultural assimilation as another had conquered one. Igneris were pottery makers. Later on, the two groups developed into a new community with a combination of their cultural practices. The group was renamed Tainos.

Cultural leadership was a vital aspect that was embraced by Tainos. They organized their governance following the head, who was chief then warriors or fighter, then priests and wise men and finally at the ground common people. Different persons on the different rank of leadership had the different cultural structure to identify their powers as well as their status in their society. Chiefs lived in a rectangular home structured houses while the priest and wise men lived in bohio, implying round-shaped huts (Morris, 1995).

Tainos practiced hunting, planting monioc as well as fishing (Morris, 1995). The activity attracted their settlement along the rivers and seas. However, to affect their practices on the land, they had their own beliefs, and they worshiped Cemies. Each village had its private Semi. The community, therefore, had the mandate to make carvings to represent their gods. Their belief encompasses the existence of both evil and good spirit and thus needed protection. The religion, therefore, had a vision or a sight that there is life after death. Therefore in burial chiefs were buried together with his favorite wife for the continuity of leadership and family in the next life.

Games and festive dances were part of the Tainos culture (Morris, 1995). Different celebrations were held whereby people could sing and dance rhythmically. Maracas and guiro were the common instruments used in the creation of beats and music moves. Songs were composed to give historical tales about their gods as well as their community. Different games such as volleyball and soccer were common with Tainos. The two games involved strong men who could be able to show their skills in them as well as to entertain speculators.

In times of war, Tainos had adopted different weapons to facilitate the conquering. The weapons included bows, arrows, 'macana,' and wood-handled stone axes (Morris, 1995). The weapons were most fundamental in the community, especially during the attack by enemies. Tainos attack by Spanish emperor was also another disorganization that leads to the acquisition of the Spanish rule. However, later after they were left, they embarked to their way of life.

In conclusion, Puerto Rico island culture and practices revolve around the historical migration and cross-cultural assimilation of both Archaics and Igneris. The two communities' cultural practices have integrated the culture of the community Tainos. Socioeconomic, political and leadership structure, food language, as well as structural building, are the critical aspects of the Tainos community.


Morris, N. (1995). Puerto Rico: Culture, politics, and identity. ABC-CLIO.

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