Essay Example Describing Lewis and Clark Expedition

Published: 2022-04-15
Essay Example Describing Lewis and Clark Expedition
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Clark and Lewis's expedition is recognized as one boundless advantage for the United States as a country. It is significant to note that those who were involved in this expedition left behind a great legacy and good lesson for the younger generations on some of the skills which are required for their achievement and discoveries. Without the expedition, some of the species of plants and animals would not have realized as well as the knowledge that is part of them. Additionally, the expedition is recognized as one of the significant evolution that have in the past fueled growth in the United States in general. In case the expedition didn't exist then the large geographic western region, and the land of United States would never be identified for an extended period. It would have only been recorded after an extended period when the nation is significantly advanced without the required information for the expansion of trade and the general population. As a result, the expedition is recognized as one of the significant parts of history that played an essential role in making the United States grow. The expedition is perceived to take place after Lieutenant Clark, and captain Lewis has issued a map by President Jefferson compile, explore and map land information which was gained through Louisiana Purchase. This paper will entail an exploration of some of the adversities of the general expedition.

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After the president Jefferson has issued the two with the map that was essential in exploring and compiling information, the story provides a demonstration on some of the adversities that the went through on the Corp of discoveries. From different attack that came from diseases like dysentery to various militant Indians who were so cruel to them and they had to survive in a harsh environment. Through words like "we went through turf times, and it was as close to hell." What transpires was that during April 30th the period of 1803. It was recorded in the book of history that the United States of America got chance of buying eight hundred and twenty-eight thousand square miles of uncharted piece of land that was in possession of France in the early days, with the land purchase being identified as the purchase of Louisiana.

However, in the main expedition process, one of the key motivation was to identify a water route that could play a linking role and could offer a solution by connecting the river of Missouri and that one of Columbia. On the other hand, coming up with this route would, in the long run, make transportation easier and even increase the productivity of that region by enabling connectivity and trade at the same time. Through the trading process that they enabled with the Indians, they worked entirely hard and facilitated the trade of fur that was taking place within the country of a result of the trade. It is essential to consider one significant that it led to achieving one of the peaceful and strong relationships with the native American tribe. Through this, one can conclude that even though one of the main reason as to why Thomas Jefferson main aim of the expedition was just to explore and to learn more about science, he learned more about the commercial growth that was taking place.

It is identified that at the beginning of Clark and Lewis expedition, it was a significant announcement that the United States made on maintaining statehood for almost 16 states, this was thirty years before bringing to an end one great revolutionary war had the country achieved its independence from Great Britain. In preparation for the expedition, it is important to note that Lewis moved up to Philadelphia to pursue one short course in celestial observation, medicine, fossils and general mapmaking. After successfully seeking that, they started the real expedition and they could travel by sea sailing up to the northern part of the wood river where they came up with Camp Dubious which was to serve them during winter. During this period, it is important to note that the preparation was successful and in planning the future part of their journey, they effectively drilled their men, bought supplies, they completed their roster and made an overhaul on their boats. In making a calculative decision to complete the whole journey, more human resources to act as leverage and provide general support when needed. This made them bring with them various hunters, twenty civilian boatmen, twenty-five soldiers and various guides who were identified to have played a significant role in making the expedition to be successful.

In managing the expedition process, they made a calculative move up the river, and this was then followed by a strategic move of having to spread out the three boats at the beginning of the expedition. Hence making an average move of twenty miles on good days and covering up to four miles on their worst days. This was an average journey that covered up to ten miles per day. During the whole process of the journey, the delegation of responsibilities took place with Lewis moving offshore with his dogs in the gathering of soil samples, plants and taking into consideration some of the excellent settlement areas. On the other hand, Clark is viewed to be most of the time staying with the Keelboat, conducting a general campus reading and managing the men in general.


Clark, William; Lewis, Meriwether (1916). Meriwether Lewis and William Clarke, Volume 1. Elliott-Madison Company. p. 366

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