Professional Curriculum Vitae, Free Paper Example

Published: 2022-06-17
 Professional Curriculum Vitae, Free Paper Example
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Personal Profile

I am a result-oriented professional with much aspirations for a progressive career. I am an ambitious, self-driven, innovative, and analytical as well as a fast learner with an exceptional ability in team playing with good interpersonal skills. I therefore possess a burning desire and urge to prosper in my area of expertise. It is my desire to work within a much challenging and most rewarding environment, which is able to give me an opportunity to fully utilize my accumulated skills, and apply my academic knowledge which will lead to both personal and organizational growth.


2015 - 2018 Bachelor of Business communication management (finance and accounting)

London School of Economics (First Class Honors)

2003 - 2015 BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business - DMM (Distinction, Merit and Merit )

Attained: UCAS 280 points

Redbridge college

2009 - 2013 General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

Attained: MEAN GRADE B

Willowfield High School


Decision Making and Problem-Solving Skills: I am able to make rational, timely, and logical decisions on conflicts and problem situations which may arise in finding appropriate and amicable solutions. Similarly, I am able to independently make an inquiry methodologically.

Flexibility and Adaptability: I am an excellent team player who shines in environments which demands execution of concurrent tasks. I am open minded, very positive, resilient and accommodative.

Analytical Skills: I have an extensive knowledge to recognize areas of weaknesses which requires improvements and hence make recommendations to the management for immediate consideration, approval and implementation.

Socialization and Teamwork abilities: I possess very strong ability to socialize with others and committed to team environment dynamics. This gives me the ability to contribute my expertise and ready to follow any directives appropriately.

Leadership and Motivation: I have charismatic leadership skills which can make me lead and motivate others in following and delivering a vision. My leadership style can enable me to delegate work to others and work with them to attain the organization's set goals.

Work Experience

I have spent my entire life focused to my academic mileage which have made me to gain knowledge to and expertise in the field of finance. I have therefore not been able to work for any organization. However, my frequent interactions with experts and high profiled individuals in my field has nourished my objective understanding of what is required of me hence expanding my knowledge in the following areas;

  • Bookkeeping
  • Monetary administration
  • Analyzing statistics
  • Financial research

Professional accomplishments

I have had great thirst of longing to add much value to my area of study, an urge that has made me double my effort. As a result, I have been able to successfully accomplish the following professional tasks

Creating and keeping organized records for financial balances.

Formulated an elaborate financial monitoring and control unit with a step by step guidelines on the daily operations.

Designing a complex genius formal spending plans capable of capturing both simple and complex financial controls

Successfully calculating and actualizing devaluation/amortization plans.

Devising and presenting ideas and strategies for financial growth

Identifying gaps within the financial field and opportunities to venture into for an organization.


I have a proper command and undoubtable articulation of the following languages

  • English
  • Belgian
  • French

Hobbies and Interest

Adventure, sightseeing, hiking and camping


Reading scholarly articles.



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