Essay Sample in US History: Most Important Changes in the US in 1877-1945

Published: 2020-06-18
Essay Sample in US History: Most Important Changes in the US in 1877-1945
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The history of the US (1877-1945) is characterized by some changes in economic, social, foreign relations among others. Some of the features that marked these changes include the progressive era, the gilded age, and the reconstruction era. During this particular period, an upsurge of immigrants was witnessed in the US necessitated by the era of industrial revolution. This paper will focus on the social, diplomatic and political changes that the US experienced in history.

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The world recognized the US as the global dominant agricultural powerhouse, industrial and economic giant .The soaring prosperity and rapid economic growth was mainly experienced in the west and the north with the south being left behind. The average annual income for nonfarm workers grew significantly by approximately 75% in 1900 and later by 33% in the years that followed.

Reconstruction marked the end of slavery. The US developed a stable government after victory against the Southern secessionists. The formation of a government in the US did not bring to an end the segregation and extrajudicial killings. The Republicans dominated the elections.

The progressive era marked the onset of reforms in various sectors such as social, business and political spheres. Some of these reforms were evident in the manner in which many areas in the society and government were modernized, women became empowered, and the education system was expanded. It was during this particular era that the vote allowing women to vote was passed.

The US was the leading in global industrial power by the 19th C. It developed new technologies in areas of steel and telegraph. It expanded it railroad network, and it exploited its natural endowments such as farmland, oil, timber, and coal. The transformations marked the second wave of industrial revolution.

Regarding foreign relations, the US made tremendous effort to broker peace settlement during World War I. However, when Germany attacked its submarine, it decided to join the war by offering all manner of support to allied forces. Their main aim was to reshape the world after the war, crush Germany and uphold the American power.

The period witnessed a lot of racial, class and gender-based prejudice. Since it was the transition period from the slavery era, the slavery attitude carried on. People were segregated and discriminated against based on their race, gender, and class. For instance, women were denied the opportunity to vote. A popular vote was later passed that allowed women to take part in the voting process. Slaves were also treated as second generation; implying that they were inferior to the whites. Merchandise of slave was Africans and as such it paved room for racial prejudice. Until recently, laws were passed that discriminated against people of a particular race, class, and gender.

On the social front, the immigrants who were predominantly blacks intermarried with the white and gave rise to a new generation. The roles of women involved many chores such as child-rearing, clothing the family, feeding among other many housework chores. The roles of women were then redefined with the onset industrialization. Women began to operate washing and sewing machines

In conclusion, the US witnessed numerous transformations in various sectors and it is believed to have been caused by the industrial revolution. The most crucial change was the development of new technologies and spurred economic growth.

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