Annotated Bibliography Example on Sociological Issues

Published: 2019-09-23
Annotated Bibliography Example on Sociological Issues
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The author focuses on the social generation and according to him, social generation refers to a group of people who were born within the same span of time and shared a comparable life stage and age. These individuals are believed to have been shaped by developments, events, and development. Several trends created new ideas of generation; the trends were related to modernization and industrialization leading to divisions in the society. The economic structure of different communities led to change in the mentality of some individuals in the human generation. This implies that as a generation may have similarities, there are differences as well; these differences are attributed to the social and economic structure of different societies.

Reason for using this source

I found this book to be so relevant since, in the poem, the author portrays some differences that exist in a generation at any particular time. During this given time, there were already economic forces that had influenced how certain individuals and the society as a whole behaved differently in the generation that was exiting by that time. The author clearly shows this through his bitter tone used in the poem on how the Americans mistreated the immigrants. At this period, the American seems to have developed as compared to immigrants who are moving from their home country to find a healthy living. The article has focused on the generation and how various factors can contribute to cracks within any given generation.

Hug,Dr Rozana."The Psychology of Employee Empowerment." Concepts, Critical Themes and Framework of Implementation 26.6 (2015): 40-78

The author focuses on effective management and understanding the relationship that exists between leadership and empowerment. Individuals who are privileged to lead other should re-look in their roles, ideas and behavior on how they treat their employees. Employee involvement is one of the key aspects of employer employee relationship. To achieve effective management through empowerment, it is essential that leaders should put in place employee empowerment model to contribute to the managerial role of effectiveness, innovation, the efficiency of social work. This is one way of making people feel empowered, when individuals feel empowered, they will gain professional confidence thus making them more efficient than those individuals who are not empowered. She challengingly highlights a mystery that if a possible, profitable future is to be found, the powerful leader should take in the lessons of how to make empowering and enabling situations from a calling which works with those pushed to the social margins.

Reason for using this source

Am interested in using this particular book since the author tries to portray the situation of the Mexican immigrant working in an environment where there is no empowerment of workers. This can be found in line 24-29 when the author says, I see the poor marching for little work, " I see small white farmers selling out to clean to clean-suited farmers living in Ney York," the clean suited farmers as being referred by the author are businessmen who seem to benefit more with less effort as compared to the Mexican immigrants. The immigrants who have been employed by the American white are not empowered at all. The book talks more about empowerment of workers about improvement of the organization.

Neyer, Anne-Katrin, and Anne-Wil Harzing. "The impact of culture on interactions: Five lessons learned from the European Commission." European Management Journal 26.5 (2008):

325-334.The article focuses on the affect of individual's culture on their interaction with other members of the society within the society. Cultural values and assumptions try to explain the nature of the relationship between persons and the environment they exist in and amongst individual themselves. When there is no any other information regarding the values of an individual, culture is believed to portray a good first impression of that particular person. Some researches have shown that culture plays a bigger role in influencing individual's beliefs, behavior, and perception. When individual perception and behavior are influenced, they develop some characters that can interfere with the way they interact with other members of the society. At the same time, some cultures seem to be dominant as compared to others. Individuals from minority culture find it difficult in adopting in such cultures especially if those cultures are dominated by individuals who have the different perception of other people from various culture.

Reason for using this source

I have a positive perception towards this article as it tries to highlight the difficulties that some individuals from minority community go through when the find themselves in dominant cultures. The Mexican immigrants have sneaked into the dominant American culture which does not mean that they will be successful once they are there. In the poem, the author uses a metaphor to describe the situation of poverty faced by the immigrants: this found on line 30-35 of the poem "Below that cool green sea of money, millions and millions of people fight to live" The article has focused on how individuals find it hard when they find themselves in unfamiliar dominant cultures.

Oakes, James. Freedom National. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2013.

The author, James Oakes focuses on slavery that played a very crucial role in the history of the United States as it was felt in politics, society and culture. In the 19th century, the federal government under Lincoln's leadership gave the military the mandate to begin freeing slaves immediately without any compensation which forced slaves to flee in disloyal lines towards South. The slave and the slaveholders proved deeply entrenched and were determined to re-enslave freedmen who had been left behind the shifting Union lines. Lincoln started fearing that even though the Union may emerge victorious in the war, there was the possibility that the slaves will remain intact. The final act in the saga or heated war, dictatorship political leadership and social upheaval was the Thirteen Amendments that abolished slavery.

Reason for using this source

The reason I decided to use this book is that the book focuses on the lives of slaves during the 19th century that was characterized by a lot of oppression and racism. The author of this book seems dissatisfied with the abolition strategies that were being put in place to end slavery and yet they were not working. He is not satisfied with the way the slavery issue was being addressed just as Baca in his poem which seems to be bitter on the issue of slavery. The tone of this particular poem is very bitter and various phrases that contribute to this association with bitterness can be seen in lines 20-23. "The rifles I hear sound in the night are white farmers shooting black and browns whose ribs I see jutting out and starving."

Hatch, Patricia. "What motivates immigration to America?." LWVUS Immigration Study


The article focuses on various factors that led to the immigration of immigrant in the United States. The author emphasizes on economic motivation as a key factor that attracted most of the immigrants to move to the United States. Beginning in the 1880s, there were drastic economic changes in Europe that stimulated the "Great Wave" of immigration to the US that lasted until 1914. Most of the immigrants worked in America plantation to earn a living. It is during particular period that the American took the advantage of the desperation these individuals had and oppressed them by paying them less for long working hours.

Reason for using this source

I decided to use this article since it focuses on Mexican who came in the United States to look for jobs due to economic problem in their country. The topic of the poem itself is seen to sarcastic, "So the Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans." In the poem, the author challenges the Americans by posing some questions to them. "Are Mexicans taking your jobs away?" the answerer for this question from any reader is "No". The truth is that the Mexican are taking jobs that the American cannot do such as working in plantations. The Mexicans are jumping the border because their country is not that economically stable.

Judith A. B. Lee. The Empowerment Approach to Social Work Practice. Florida: Colombia

University Press, 2013.The book is the theory-driven report and from the beginning, it cut through the battle for social justice. The book is community oriented and written from a global perspective showing individuals speaking for themselves in a company of social work educators. The author emphasizes more "how.-to" skills in cooperating with another individual toward their empowerment and put more effort on multiculturalism. There are global issues of oppression such as forced labor, abuse of women and children and neglecting people who are mentally ill. Being empowered is dynamic and cyclical one but not static. The social system and the general population should either advance or even get worse

Reason for using this source

I preferred to use this book since it speaks more on the social injustices that have been affecting our society for many years. From that line where Baca wrote in a bitter tone that, "The rifles I hear in the night are whites shooting black and browns." I thing this phrase shows how social injustices existed in particular culture since individual are shot at while trying to jump the border. The book has stressed more on social injustices that have been experienced in our society. The book tries to propose on how those affected can redeem themselves and get back on their feet to live comfortably.

Wiliam, Tyrone. "Ratio Stereotypes from Days of American Slavery." A Continuing Legacy


The author addresses the oppressions that African Americans experienced during the 19th century. In North America, the population increased through births while in the Caribbean, the death of enslaved outnumbered the births. The planters relied on transatlantic trade so as to keep up the numbers of those working on their respective plantations. The enslaved people and generation of families are caught up in these punishing regime characterized by forced labor, family reproduction, and separation. Individuals like Sarah Affair, who used to work in the field of laundry as servants throughout the course of their lives. This clearly portrays that slavery has been a large institution, not only because it differ so markedly between Jamaica and Virginia, but because of the different experiences that enslaved individuals have undergone in their entire life and the complexities of individual plantations. The slaves did different hard work during their lives and at the same time, they experienced stark divisions of privilege and authority within the enslaved community. The enslaved society had a doomed future generation as the children's were never allowed to attend schools as compared to the whites.

Reason for using this source

Am interested in using this article because in the 30th paragraph line four, "don't know the look of a hoof or smell of woman's body bending all day in the fields". The author is trying reflects on oppression that the Mexican immigrants and other immigrants are going through while working in whites plantations such as long working hours during the 19th century when slavery was at its peak. The article reflects on the challenges that were faced by immigrants who came to the United States during the 19th century. The settlers found the...

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