Essay Example on Brett Kavanaugh Allegations

Published: 2022-08-26
Essay Example on Brett Kavanaugh Allegations
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Brett Kavanaugh who was recently nominated for the position of the Judge of the Supreme Court was facing allegations from Christine Blasey Ford of sexual assault when they were teenagers. Ford says that Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were in high school. Kavanaugh has denied the allegations in front of the Supreme Court, and President Donald Trump supports him. Kavanaugh is Donald Trump's nominee, and he praises him for the nominations saying that he has faced a lot of anger from the Democrats. I believe that Kavanaugh assaults story is true, and he should not be appointed as a Supreme Court judge. This is because other than Ford, two other unidentified women have come forth with the same accusations. They have accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault during his college and high school years which are decades ago.

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It is not a coincidence that more than one person is accusing Kavanaugh of the same allegations. Kavanaugh spoke in front of the Supreme Court saying that the allegations were political hits meant to end his political career. During the hearing, Ford began by restating the events of the night in 1982. She said that Kavanaugh assaulted her in a room upstairs while a friend watched. Ford believes that Kavanaugh intended to rape her. I believe Ford's allegations are true, and Kavanaugh's reaction during the testimony proves that he did it. He was harsh and bitter and shouted several times are denying the allegations. The extreme reactions showed that he is guilty and he is trying to hide it by expressing anger. A delay in confirming Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge has been established until the case is resolved.

I believe that Kavanaugh should withhold all political proceedings this term, till the case is solved. If any of the Democrats or Republicans vote in Kavanaugh as the Judge, it will be a negative reflection of us Americans to the rest of the world. Regardless of him being guilty or not, we should not act as a country vote for a person under speculation to lead the rest of us. It displaces our integrity as a country and shows how willing we are to be led by criminals and individuals who do not care about women and their rights. From his response in the court, it clearly shows that Kavanaugh is arrogant and this is a trait that we as Americans do not want our leaders to have. President Donald Trump greatly supports Kavanaugh and tweeted asking voters to nominate him as he is a great candidate. Trump also believes that Kavanaugh is not guilty of the accusations and this also reflects on the type of leadership that Americans portray.

Kavanaugh said that these allegations have greatly affected his family and his 10-year-old daughter prayed for him and all women in the country. He says that he has no ill against Ford and if she has faced sexual assault before, he is deeply sorry for her. I think this is a stunt to show sympathy so that the Supreme Court can empathize with him. Kavanaugh refuses to step down from the nominations saying the incident is not a defining moment of his political interests. In conclusion, I believe Kavanaugh should step down from the nominations until the case is resolved.


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