Protecting the US: The Role of DHS - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-29
Protecting the US: The Role of DHS - Essay Sample
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American department of homeland security (DHS) has the mandate to protect the American citizens from terrorist threats, secure borders, and maintain peace within these borders (Docobo, 2020). It is also mandated in developing a nation full of sense of readiness for any emergency security cases that may arise, uniting the department to other security agencies in the country, and controlling all the factors related to immigration. The actions are attained through legislative measure enforcement to the law crackdowns and those violating the security strategies of migration (Docobo, 2020). This role pf the DHS is factored by the overarching mission whose scope is to massively secure the homeland through the inauguration of local and international policies in the U.S.A (Homeland Security, 2020).

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Terrorist threat integration center (TTIC) has a function of accessing and analyzing available security information on a national and international basis and having immediate actions. TTIC has a constitutional responsibility to handle the procedures of investigating terror plans. The TTIC works closely with the FBI and associated informers using information technology, basement searches, and federal intelligence methods (Homeland Security, 2020). TTIC conducts the role of counterterrorism through enhancing, management of international terror schemes relations, unifying security agencies from America to other countries, and which aids in the diversifying of terror plan dissemination. The TTIC is a highly secretive security department linked to the army.

The DHS is not just a strategy but a framework of counterterrorism. The department can address terror and violence in the form of federal guideposts and comprehensive dealing with weapons and tools of terror counteractions. DHS has the power to detect any security terror deals withing the boundaries. DHS has importance as it is crucial in the impacts of transparency, civil liberties, and rights. Also, DHS eradicates local challenges through extended assessment of risks posed by internal terrorism. The department fights against ethnicity, racism, and public disputes. DHS induces new terror community policies that aid in economic and social stableness (Docobo, 2020).DHS is dismantled into channels that deal with various types of terrorism and, therefore, ensuring that every form of pf terror is eliminated.

FBI is the top agency dealing with internal and international terrorism in America. The federal institution engages in various responsibilities, including the massive destruction of weapons acquired from terror (FBI, 2020. Such demolitions include bioweapons and mechanical arms. The FBI purpose ends specific terror-related crimes, particularly at the airports, monetary institutions, and the political offices (FBI, 2020). The federal is linked to the DHS and other American security agencies in gathering and analyzing suspected terror attacks. Therefore, they prevent and secure persons of interests around the globe. The persons protected by the FBI may be government officials, economic controllers, and major governmental organizations (FBI, 2020.

To ensure compartment of the DHS and the FBI role engagement, community policies are given accord to the department. This mechanism of community-based operations is done by setting up offices in the locality of terror sensitive areas and encouraging the community policing strategies with a sensitive link to the departments (Napolitano, 2020). There is an organizational transformation that reengineers the counterterrorism role with a diverse organization-wide adoption of other security agencies. The operations work on an informal basis, and therefore the department trains decentralize and utilize volunteers in the working passage through community partnership (Napolitano, 2020). The departments have community emergence response, which engages in problem-solving and volunteers who link closely with common practices for information flow purposes Napolitano, 2020).

The homeland security can be ensured through strategic planning, among these methodologies of action are;

Securing and managing borders through the protection of air, land, and sea immigration, where the entry is only legal, including persons and goods (McAleenan, 2020). The banns and regulations of trading verdicts are crucial. This is the lawful trade and travel methods (McAleenan, 2020).

safeguarding and securing cyberspace- cyberterrorism can be combated through this way where a resilient cyber environment is made safe, secure, and robust to public and private use.

They are ensuring resilience in disaster management (McAleenan, 2020). Domestic terrorism can be dealt with by mitigating crime gangs, reducing vulnerable persons in the community, and enacting nation preparedness through community emergence approach systems (McAleenan, 2020).

Mitigating trade and travel reduce the chances of international terrorist entry into amerce. Furthermore, the entry of weapons in the name of trading goods is handcuffed (FBI, 2020. The cyberspace strategy enhances the freedom of information sharing about terror plans and secures economic, social, and political safety (Docobo, 2020). Disaster resilience is best for raising living standards and ensuring minimal terror engagement within the communities through the provision of basic requirements. All these methods are effective through regulatory consequences that induce fear and directional avoidance of crime and, therefore, mitigate domestic terrors (FBI, 2020).

To promote these methods, it is worth adding ire to current actions. More engagement in international security organizations can improve terror sensitivity and give room for total turn pff for global terror control. Integrating international trading unions and immigration organizations in the fight can make the assessment easier. Domestic terror control, inducing the battle against drugs and substance abuse, will necessitate a dro[ in the terror plans as drugs are related to terror gangs. Employment and schooling programs can work more efficiently for internal strategizing.


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