Essay Sample: Inclusion and Diversity in the Department of Defense of American Army

Published: 2022-03-01
Essay Sample: Inclusion and Diversity in the Department of Defense of American Army
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Step #1: Introduce the problem

The strategic plan of inclusion and Diversity of American Army sketches the application of the executive order 13583 of the President on founding corresponding Government-broad creativity to endorse inclusion and diversity and the National workforce. The executive order 13583 guides' executive sections and supports to improve and instrument a more inclusive, combined, and planned focus on inclusion and diversity as a basic component of their strategies of human resource. Though Executive Order 13583 was absorbed on citizen personnel, this Scheduled Plan also discourses related apprehensions for army personnel.

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Step #2: presentation of statement problem

The main problem in the department of defense is that the army does not understand how the army soldiers take the leadership diversity responsibilities in America army. Thus, this results in incapability to analyze the Department of Defense (DoD) of its inclusion and diversity planned strategy as well as executive order.

Step #3: supporting the claim.

According to Ann Arbor (2016) inclusion, diversity, as well as equality are always applied interchangeably. Therefore, there are many diversities in the way they are being interpreted also applied amongst the civilian associations and defend forces department. The author noted that equivalent opportunity is known as the nondiscrimination protections for specific classes of people. The military has military and civilian workers and works both a program of citizen equivalent opportunity as well as a program of equal military chances (Ann Arbor 2016). The policies of equal military opportunities overall follow the set of percepts in civil rights law of citizens. Therefore, most regulations and statutes, which are useable to a citizen occupation are not used to services of DoD. The origins of uninformed members of service restrictions thereon involve the statute, constitution, comprising of the equal justice code of military and service-standard strategies and laws, as well as administrative orders.

Step #4: transitioning the problem:

Ellis, A. (2016) noted that diversity is the main value of a multicultural as well as the egalitarian organization and community irrespective of its relation to metrics of performance. From an understanding of human resource, diversity is ideally surveyed with concern to its effects on dynamics of the team as well as other aspects, which contribute to the performance of an organization.

Step #5 stating the specific problem

The specific challenge is that the American army failed to recognize the understanding of organization grade officers' concerning roles of leadership diversity. This has led to difficulty for the department of defense to identify if diversity is connected progress has been created over a period.

Step #6: the impact or adversity of the specific problem.

Present impacts and activities mostly deal with military men feeling involved in its place of institutionalizing how and why diversity is vital to the success of the mission. These activities involve building the military committee of diversity, chief command, standard diversity focus teams, and military-wide guide through the new military instructions (Hayes, 2015). Inclusion is vital since, with no awareness of cultural assortment of one's company and the desires of diverse groups of culture, it is hard to attain an inclusive culture in which members feel as if they belong also believe they may succeed.

Though, a reaction might fall from the dominant people if the military exaggerates insertion in its place than the importance of diversity because framing public inequalities only in the perception of the less privileged out-team motivates prejudicial attitudes through the members of the privileged group (Ann Arbor 2016). Numerous examples of this types of reaction in the military fall under the jurisdiction of same prospect office (Hayes, 2015). If the assertion is to prosper, it ought to compliment, although remain distinct and remain from military equal prospect compliant activities and programs. Most individuals repute the office of EO as a source to apply when inclusion fails; thus, relating assertion to an office linked with ills of social would hinder its progression into a worth wholly incorporated by the military.

Step #7: summarizing the importance of addressing the problem.

Upon achievement of this fruitful Qualitative Case Study, it will offer the efficiency of the application of the DoD Assortment and strategic plan of inclusion. However, the study will institutionalize assertion as vital to the success of the mission, a complex effort, and a multiyear needing dogged efforts of leadership to communicate necessary awareness. The next procedures of swaying attitudes as well as changing notions, thus evolving the culture of the military, will call for more devoted time and attention. Efforts ought to involve changing and reviewing strategies to certify the military does not run the danger of continuing the notion that members of organization ought to often change to the union, rather than union at non-mission-vital moments changing to the varied requirements of its associates.


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