Essay Sample on Discouraging policies of the European Union

Published: 2019-09-27
Essay Sample on Discouraging policies of the European Union
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A significant change of ideologies was experienced in Western Europe in the 190s and 1980s, especially on matters of welfare. During this period, the European states started developing hostility towards foreigners and also discouraging immigration. It was also at this era that a drive for development of a single market and a deep integration of Europe developed. The hospitality of the West European states changed where they started discouraging immigration and accommodation of foreigners on the grounds that they infiltrate on the European culture, languages, and national traditions (Heidelberger Manifest, 1982). The Western Europe also started advocating for the stimulation of military activities and prowess (Alfred Grosser, 1981). They started discouraging peace and harmony among the people and instead encouraged political reforms and activism, and the economic welfare of only their own countries (Gert Dahlmanns, 1988). This is when the European Union was formed, which significantly affected the politics of its member states as well as those of bordering countries. The member countries became individualistic and only focused on the economic welfare of the European people. Additionally, immigration into the European Union was reduced. Additionally, the individual states political stand became an influence from the larger union. For instance, Germany embarking on nuclear energy and weapons because France is also using it.

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Although the system adopted by European Union may seem as something negative or inappropriate, it is admirable today by other countries and are likely to imitate it. Since its formation, the political and the economic status of the individual states has improved. The Union supports its individual states in case of border conflicts. Additionally, the EU has a significantly high influential power in both the international political and economic system. For instance, the union imposes regulations and policies in other countries in matters of trade. However, the initial intention of EU was to control the world politically and economically, which has failed because of market liberalization and globalization. Globalization provided alternative means for the other countries. Additionally, the quest for peace and integration in the other parts of the world led the intentions of EU to fail.

The EU is highly popular among the citizens in which it governs because almost all the individual states policies and regulations conform to the EU constitution. Therefore, EU has direct impact on the citizens, which makes it popular among them. EU is united by the common economic and political goal among the member states, however, variation in resource endowment among individuals serves as its major challenge to unity. On matters of immigration, asylum-seeking and multiculturalism, EU has dealt with it by imposing discouraging policies.


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