Interview with an Elderly Person - Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-21
Interview with an Elderly Person - Paper Example
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The process of aging is often associated with adverse conditions that include depression, sicknesses, and loneliness. When interviewing elders about aging, different psychological facets such as personal growth, happiness, and good health. Successful aging is often related to the absence of related age-linked characteristics. This paper will focus on an interview with a 78-year-old grandmother, focusing on the setup of the discussion, interesting results, and experiences learned from the meeting.

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The interviewee is my grandmother from my mother's side, Rose who is 77 years old. She was married for 51 years to her late grandfather. The interview took place at Kentucky at her home during morning hours when she was free. She has two sons and three daughters, although only two sons survived to adulthood. Rose lived an active work life, and she prefers to stay busy and become engaged with what she enjoys most. Rose has nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Rose lives with a caregiver at her rural home, although her husband passed on nine years ago.

Interesting Results

Despite Rose staying busy with activities that she enjoys most, she highlights that her main challenges and worries are related to her health such as the occurrence of high blood pressure, physical fitness and maintaining her family relationships as well as accomplishing her dreams. Furthermore, another topic that comes up was stress after retire. She stated that "you must strive for your best to ensure that your life looks good after retirement, although it is hard to predict things perfectly." She attributed her social challenges to aging as one gets older, a significant number of friends and people she knew passed away which resulted in a substantial emotional toll. Rose also highlighted that "young people often take for granted their ability to move quickly and flexibly, it requires a lot of exercise to be able to move around without assistance." Aging means that there is a possibility of a spouse passing away which is common among the elderly. Rose stated that she sorts of comfortable to nature and the natural environment around her, while she spends a significant part of her time moving through her farm. It was her desire after retirement to achieve what she wanted after retirement rather than burden herself with financial problems.

Rose highlighted various life events that were memorable to her; among them was the death of her son. He died at three years from scarlet fever. However, this was common during those years; the trauma is still fresh in her memory expressing her emotions that were unforgotten. Moreover, her husband was essential to her, and after she passed away, it was an important transition, and her children and grandchildren are imperative to support her. Rose has had little experience with Medicare, although she recognizes it as a fundamental aspect among seniors.


The interview lasted for about two hours, and a vast amount of information was obtained. The conversation was enjoyable with essential life lessons. I always envisioned an excellent life when growing older, despite rose suffering several traumas, she is still strong and an inspiration. Contemporary society can take lessons from the elderly regarding emotional and financial well-being. Life after retirement is a sensitive subject since having social security, and mental stability is a vital part of the aging process.

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