Technologically Advanced Toys for Child Development, Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-11
Technologically Advanced Toys for Child Development, Essay Example
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The toy provides kids with interactive characters that educate them on the skills required to play each part of the game. Computerized software game designed to enhance a focus and attention through memory and sequencing. It also helps children to dive into virtual reality. This kind of games helps to develop mind stimulating activities in children.

Mardles AR Storybooks

The device can be read like a book and has 3D scenes pop up in animated augmented reality. The screen can be tapped to interact with characters and moving objects. 4 Physical/Social-The toy focuses on skills needed by children in their first stages of development as it is mostly designed for younger kids. These magical books stand as bed-time stories and play and play a vital role in the development of children.

RazorX Cruiser electric skateboard

The toy is power-driven by a 125-watt motor. The board can get up to 16km/hr. 4 Physical-It provides fundamental learning, and once the player gets going, the speed can be adjusted using a handheld remote. The responsive nature and smooth acceleration of the toy is a fun-filled activity that enhances the physical life of the child. The toy is recommended for kids with a little experience in skateboarding.

Extreme Fliers Micro Drone

The drone is loaded with a 720p camera and an FPV option. The corrective system is sophisticated and lets it fly up to approximately 72km/hr.

Also, it comes with inbuilt safety features for automatic takeoff, hover, and landing 3 Physical-The toy is controlled using automated devices hence it is not recommended for young kids. Players can do a flip trick as long as the ornaments are safely put away first. The take-off and landing are fun-filled activities significant for the child's physical well-being.


Me: Hi Roy, I would like to ask you some questions. Is that okay?

Roy: Yes, sure go ahead.

Me: What is your favourite toy to play with?

Roy: The CognitoToy Dinosaur

Me: Why is the dinosaur your favourite toy?

Roy: Because it can tell me stories, play games, sing and crack jokes. It can also answer any questions I ask it.

Me: How do you play with it?

Roy: You first connect it to the internet and press the button on its belly, ask it to spell a word and it gives the correct answer.

Me: What else does it do?

Roy: It has an engine on the top that adjusts and filters out any inappropriate thing such as curse words.

Me: Do you share your toy with anyone else?

Roy: No, I use it by myself

Me: Do you have any other toys?

Roy: Yes, I have a tablet that my mum bought me as a birthday present.

Me: Do you like it and how do you use it?

Roy: I love it. I use it play racing games which is also one of my favourites.

Me: Thank you for your time Roy and I am looking forward to seeing you next time. Have fun.

Roy: You are welcome, bye.

Sphero Spiderman-The simplest thing this toy can do is telling jokes. It also fitted with an infinite, directly of eye-rollers (Ha, 2017).The spider toy chats by starting a conversation on random topics such as dating. As such, its real power is holding conversations.

Meccano Mecca Spider-The toy is designed to offer extended hours of interactive fun. It's the latest in robotics from Meccano made from space-age materials and is controlled using buttons or a free application (Robotics, n.d.).It's built on science, math and technology concepts. The toy is not only a spider but a bodyguard as well. In case of a dangerous situation, and the spider sprays venom at the assailant.

The VRSE-any kid that has ever wished to be a superhero can now do that with the VRSE. The toy offers an online gaming platform that features interactive virtual reality escapades. The adventures take place inside some of children's preferred movies (Cucco, 2017).The tech toy comes with a VR headset as well as a controller which enables the movement to fight enemies. The game is recommended for children of seven years and above.

Mardles AR Storybooks- the British Company Mardles has introduced AR as a means of engaging kids through stickers and books. Each book tells a story that can be converted into a 3D interactive environment on a tablet (Parsons, 2017).Each page on the book can be scanned using the camera on a smartphone or a tablet. You can interact with the environment on the screen by t6apping on a rock in a fence to see how the characters in the story react. The application does not require registration details nor in-app purchases.

RazorX Cruiser electric skateboard-The 29.7 toy comprises of five-ply maple wood and provides a responsive ride that works down a sidewalk. The entire board is controlled by a wireless remote that is incorporated in a wristband. The band is designed to support the controller and allows for speed adjustment (Chang, 2017).

Extreme Fliers Micro Drone- The drone is loaded with a 720p camera and an FPV option. The corrective system is sophisticated and lets it fly approximately 72km/hr. Also, it comes with inbuilt safety features for automatic take-off, hovers, and landing. The toy is controlled using automated devices hence making it is not recommended for young kids.

Overall, technology should be encouraged but moderated as well. As such, kids should get the right information on such advancements. In that regard, parents and guardians should exercise caution in a bid to protect their children while at the same introducing exciting games for their kids.


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